091125 5 Must Reads

  • Why Employment Lags in A Recovery
    Employers want to make sure that the recovery is real. Even in the harshest circumstances, key employees weren’t let go in spite of the lack of work so there’s unused capacity available (labor hoarding).
    During the downturn, employers focus on adding productivity improvements and reorganizing the business. The uptick often shows that this has created spare capacity. Since employment lags the economy, it’s important to be cautious about predictions for success in Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Why Salary.com Won The HRTechnology Shootout
    Josh Bersin, the preeminent talent market analyst, offers a clear view of the shootout process. Along with Bill Kutik, members of Bersin’s firm designed the scenarios for the shootout. Josh’s views on the richness and complexity of the problem set and available solutions merits your attention. In addition to a thorough explanation of the shootout process, Bersin provides some insight into the real world in which software is implemented. This is a key insight into Talent Management Software.
  • 12 Scams of Christmas
    Send this link to the folks in your office who are likely to send around the e-xmas cards. This note is from Mcafee. They make money when people get paranoid. So, it’s no surprise that they’re telling you to do the impossible (ie..never click on email links, always use different account names and passwords and, most importantly, always use Mcafee virus protection.) It’s good to be aware of the scams. Now get back to that in basket full of links from candidates.
  • Make Every Employee a Recruiter
    via Lance Haun… from the Brazen Careerist comes the advice to use social media to turn all of your employees into recruiters. While it’s an answer that’s short a system, it’s the right direction. Social media disintermediation recruiters and the rest of HR. It’s a brand new mess with lots of opportunity.
  • The Future of Recruiting is Trust Agents (again, via Lance Haun)
    The Trust Economy is here. (Download the neato PDF) There’s an army of people who are using the term without ever defining it. The gist of the idea is that the world now works as a series of referral networks. ‘Trust Agents’ are those people who are at the center of the network and get marks for referring people around the wheel. You’re going to have to think about the ways in which your team builds trust and influence. You’re gonna have to find ways to monitor and manage it. Ben Yoskovitz thinks it’s the future of Recruiting. He’s right a lot.

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