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On December 3, 2009, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser

091203 In The Know: Five Useful Links

  • Discussions with our Research Members: Five Topics to Watch for 2010
    Josh Bersin’s membership roundtable suggests the following issues will be top of mind in 2010

    • Diversity as a talent management strategy.
    • Leadership assessment as core to the leadership strategy.
    • Expanding career development beyond promotion.
    • Focus on the HR generalists and field training teams.
    • First line management continues to be the weak link

    One could be excused for summarizing the list as “HR licks its wounds, scapegoats line managers.” It’s really astonishing that productivity improvement or some level of contribution to bottom line business results didn’t make the list. We’d like to suggest a sixth “Scramble to be relevant in advance of the outsourcing contract.”

  • Bragging Rights In Academia
    Is there a change coming in the status of US Universities? There’s at least some research that suggests that the old school strong reputation institutions have been resting on their laurels while more agile competitors (formerly the second class citizens) have been more agile in their development of programs andd research. Are you validating the quality of your talent supply line?
  • 10 First-To-Market Products That Lost
    Being first may only be a n advantage to people who like to be first. Smart and early is often a recipe for market failure. Being out in front for innovations is a risky business and not necessarly a good idea. The people who "don’t get it" may actually be on to something.
  • Forbes List of “America’s Fastest-Recovering Cities” – Not a Good List for Job Seekers
    At Wanted Technologies, they’re trying to make employment data more useful and relevant. From time to time, this involves an eye blurring brush with their inner policy wonk. Still, the company offers more insight, pound for pound, than you can get elsewhere. They’re really working the data hard. In this piece, they deconstruct the recent Forbes List of the fastest recovering cities. The result is a list of cities in order of their worth to a job hunter. Reading the article will give you a great insight into the ways that statistics can mislead.
  • How job seeker behavior affects job boards
    There is a change happening. But, as this article points out, new technology is not enough. The job board scene will not change until job seekers move elsewhere. Being an innovator in social recruiting or other aspects of online HR may be sexy. It just might ot be the best way to reach the people you want to hire.

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