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At the end of last week, we started talking about the computer generated Top 25 Digital HR Influencer’s list. We’ll be releasing it on Thursday, noon pacific. It will be a part of the launch of our new periodical, the HRExaminer.

We built the list in partnership with Traackr. The Boston based firm is pioneering a methodological approach to the measurement of online influence. Traackr, launched their first product, the Online Authority List, this fall at Demo Fall 09. (Here’s the presentation which gives a good look at the product …scroll down the videos to the segment labeled Traackr.)

If there’s an online conversation, Traackr’s search engine and analysis tools will help you find and rank the key proponents of that conversation. The “A-list” (as they call the product) shows people, their publications, their web activity, a sense of their reach (traffic), participation in the larger conversation (resonance) and mapping to a key word cloud (relevance). It’s a tool at the forefront of marketing and sourcing in the 21st Century.

The Traackr product line is designed with marketers in mind. The idea is that any marketing exercise is really the formation of a conversation with the market. The people who are the most popular and influential are the moist significant drivers of that conversation. Traackr helps you find them.

“Traackr identifies, qualifies and facilitates the engagement of top online influencers. We sort through the massive amount of data on social media to identify the most influential individuals in their community around specific issues, markets, brands.

Traackr calculates influencers’ score based on proprietary algorithms to help marketers and PR professionals decide who they need to contact and how to reach these influencers.

Our goal is to help companies, community leaders and consumers at large strike a new balance in which the social web is not a counter-culture but rather a recognized force that helps companies collaborate with their customers and reach higher grounds. We believe online influencers to be the pivotal force to lead this change.”

If you are in the business of building a network of people in a region or a niche, Traackr is the key to identifying the central online players.

For example, you might want to reach all of the software engineers with a financial industry background in the New York metro area. Using Traackr, you could identify and reach out to the most influential online members of that community in order to secure the foundation of an online community. Enlisting the support of the influential members of the online community is a central part of any sort of recruiting or market development project.

This way of thinking about sourcing is at once very familiar and very new. Being able to quantify and identify an industry segments’s key players is exactly how you would want to go about building your telephone sourcing method.

Take a poke through Traackr’s website. Just considering what they’re up to is going to change the way you look at social media as a recruiting tool.

On Thursday, we’ll give you a close look at the folks who are most influeential in the online HR conversation.

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