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On December 16, 2009, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser

In The Know v1.06 (A weekly list of links to five important articles)

Shifting Data, Disclosure and Information Norms

  • 1 Billion Spammers Served
    Surprising look at the degree to which bots generate spam and the way that spammers’ identities are laundered. The story estimates nearly 2 trillion spam messages since 2004. The process will inevitably invade the career mailboxes of global employees.
  • How To Hire A Players (a guide for startups)
    Auren Hoffman is a Silicon Valley wonder-child who has a knack for cutting to the core of the issue. While theorists insist that there’s one right answer (often, referrals), Hoffman comes to the question with the hands-on experience of someone who has to acquire talent for sheer survival reasons. That requires a spread of tactics, not a monomaniacal focus on one approach.
  • Glassdoor Reveals Top 50 Places To Work
    Glassdoor is in the business of providing transparency for employees and potential employees. This survey based on the expressed sentiments of actual employees (rather than the
    results of an HR Team pitching a magazine) is the unstoppable wave of the future. Your employees will be telling outside agencies about the quality of their experience as employees. That means that your performance measurements will come to include input from entities beyond your management structure. Pay very close attention to this trend. The survey also showcases the 25 worst places to work.
  • Career Experts Divided On Medical Privacy Issue
    This discussion is the first of many you’ll see that deal with the flood of personal data (and personally generated data). Some of it is medical, as the headline suggests. But, every employee in every company is now a potential sensor for the mood of the company, the quality of the work experience, the carbon footprint and so on.
    Data about transportation patterns, steps taken in efficiency studies and a host of other things are already being collected on smartphones wandering around the plant.
  • Gen Y, Brazen Opportunist and the Curious Case of Penelope Trunk
    This fast company editorial ponders the self-disclosure pioneered by Penelope Trunk. It’s a case of old school sensibilities investigating new school phenomenon. Increasingly, HR Departments will be called to manage and influence the way that employees present themselves. Truth is that things are headed Ms Trunks way (extreme disclosure) rather than the more old fashioned discretion.

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