In The Know v1.08 (A weekly list of links to five important ideas)

Tech Impact and End Of Year Lists

  • Incentives Don’t Motivate
    Dan Pink’s TED Video on the surprising science of motivation. Variable incentives do the opposite of what you’d expect if you’re trying to get ‘out of the box’ results. What really motivates contemporary workers are autonomy, mastery and purpose. The Google 20% time approach (20% of an employee’s time is used to persue self-generated projects) generates a sizable portion of Google’s new products.
  • Marketing in 2010 (free eBook)
    What makes social media succeed?
    1. Tribe and networks (people)
    2. Direction or compass (objectives)
    3. Action and outcomes (measurable goals)
    4. Maps (strategies)
    5. Tools and tactics (media)
  • Ten Ways to Spot a Fake (when hiring a consultant)
    (8.) Magic bullets – real experts know that success is gritty – the result of singular dedication to a goal, superior work ethic, and doing the basics right on a consistent basis. There are very few magicians out there. Beware those who claim to have a single technique, product, or service that will radically change the nature of your business.
  • The New Paradigm: Business within a Business
    What does HR sell?
    Coping with infinite expectations and finite budgets is best managed by building a business plan to deliver the services the company wants to buy. Know your products and services and the full cost of each.
  • How to Run a Meeting Like Google
    The keys? No matter how long the meeting, have an agenda and a note taker. Even five minute meetings. Stick to the agenda.

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