2012 Index Social Technology in HR and Recruiting
Project Complete

After five and a half months, I’ve finally finished The 2012 Index of Social Media in Recruiting and HR. It’s been quite a project. I’ve tried to sort out the various things happening around the industry. There’s a lot going on.

After one last edit, we’ll be selling it on the HRxAnalysts’ website. There should be ads here on the HRExaminer and in email over the next couple of days. There will be webinars and articles in the months to come.

The 2012 Index lays a foundation from which it’s possible to make sense out of all of the moving pieces. Based on over 200 detailed interviews with vendors, practitioners, pundits, technologists and investors, the report covers 17 types of technology. It describes the way that those technologies move through vendors and on to proactitioner desktops.

The goal of the project was to create a baseline report that could be used to help buyers, sellers and investors determine the relative worth of product offerings. With a section on the timing of Return on Technology Investment, the package aims to help with decisions about when and what to implement.

There are 70 vendor reviews and an additional 40ish companies covered in some way. The reviews try to quickly get to the heart of the relative value of a vendor’s approach. Unlike a lot of this sort of stuff, the 2012 Index actually notices when something is a bad idea.

There’s a forecasts section that identifies about a dozen key trends coming to an HR or Recruiting organization near you.

The report is 100 pages. There’s not much fluff. It’s designed to be a comprehensive guide to the subject.

It will retail for $595. This week, there’s an early bird offer that drops the price to $395 until November 1.

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