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This week, the links all showcase aspects of graphic visualization.

Five Links: Graphic Visualization

This week, the links all showcase aspects of graphic visualization. Over and over again, you’ll see that you have to have the story before you can have the picture. And, while that is good enough for the news professionals, it’s only a partial answer for the business person. We’re watching what is going on in the news because the business world is behind in the way that it understands and communicates its data. That doesn’t mean that the requirement to get this stuff right isn’t coming on fast.

  • How We Visualized Life After Fukushima
    This piece takes you on a trip through the process of making a data-journalism project work. Like most of the work in visualization, it’s not focused on business style deliverables. But, getting to real business results will come from watch the things that journalists are learning and doing.
  • Deleted Slides
    Jonathan Corum gave a great presentation at the Tapestry conference. These are the slides and narrative that he left out.
    He offers good clear advice for the development of graphic visualizations that work.
  • Glimpses of Data: The CBO Snapshots
    Like Lucy, the congressional budget has a lot of ‘splaining to do. In fact, that’s sort of their job. Here are some samples of their ‘snapshots’ which take a particular issue and splain it. The deeper question is how do you tell a great chart from a crappy one.
  • Monitor Your Surroundings With These Sensors
    The next wave of HR Technology will be all about hardware and the data it produces.
    From personal data sensors (Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Nike Fuel) to more environmental bits, our world is becoming a sea of monitoring devices. Employees will be monitoring the company. The company will be monitoring the employee., Investors and potential employees will be monitoring both.
  • Star Wars Movie Fingerprints
    The world will be flush in graphic visualizations that are done because they can be done. Here’s a great technical marvel that tells you, well, nothing.
    Anticipate hordes of your coworkers presenting equally meaningless charts as we unbundle the mysteries of visualization. You can only laugh so much here. It’s in the making of these sorts of mistakes that the real valuable learning will emerge.

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