5-Links Management DisruptionsThis week, there are four articles about the disruption of traditioanl management approaches and one article about the slowness of change. The organization of today is rapidly becoming unrecognizable from traditional organizational theory. Just in time management, crowdsourced policy, replacing consultants with software. Meanwhile, the social picture of wonmen is very solw to changle.

  • Consulting on the Cusp of Disruptiom
    From the Clay Christensen in the actual Harvard Business review (the magazine, not the blogs). “although McKinsey and other consulting firms have gone through many waves of change—from generalist to functional focus, from local to global structures, from tightly structured teams to spiderwebs of remote experts—the launch of McKinsey Solutions is dramatically different because it is not grounded in deploying human capital. Why would a firm whose primary value proposition is judgment-based and bespoke diagnoses invest in such a departure when its core business was thriving?” It’s not just McKinsey. The major consultancies in HR have all released technology solutions. In many ways, you can no longer tell the difference between their fferings and the software vendors.
  • Traditional Outsourcing Advisory is Dead
    We don’t give Horses for Sources the visibility it deserves. There is a constant flow of quality material over at ‘Horses’. This article takes Clay Christensen’s notion and starts to apply it in the HR industry. Effectively, consulting is a means of communicating data. Self-service and automation work oerfectly well in data delivery.
  • What People Really Think About Feminists
    Very cool UN ad campaign that uses Google to show what people really thiunk.
  • The Rise of the Platform: A Seismic Shift In Business Models
    Ultimately, this transformation redefines competition. Firms that once sought advantage based on the strength of their internal resources and channel access now face competitors that harness armies of connected users and ecosystems of resources. Apple’s App Store, hosting nearly a million applications, offers a compelling testimony to the power of ecosystems. More buyers on Ebay attract more sellers, which in turn attracts more buyers. More freelancers on oDesk attract more job postings and vice versa. Such feedback loops enable these businesses to grow into massive juggernauts. Businesses win based on their ability to captivate third parties and connect them to each other through creative interactions.
  • Inside GitHub’s Super-Lean Management Strategy–And How It Drives Innovation
    What GitHub has done is taken the practice of open-source collaboration–which is done on something akin to a volunteer basis–and applied them to the organization of their entire company.

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