photo of woman baking break (commercial) in article by Heather Bussing appearing  on April 14, 2015 in article about equal pay for women

Women need to make more dough — the money kind.

April 14 is Equal Pay Day. In 1963, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act. Not much has changed.

The Laws: Here is information on the Equal Pay Act and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  The Equal Pay Act makes it illegal to pay women less than men. The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act overturned a Supreme Court decision that cut off equal pay claims, and made the Equal Pay Act claim rules consistent with other EEOC and discrimination laws.

10 Incredible Women Who Have Fought for Equal Pay: Even Cosmo girls want equal pay. Here are some of the well known heroes of women’s rights such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, some amazing women you’ve probably never heard of, and also some women you may not have known are feminists.

What Occupational Data Show About the Causes of the Gender Wage Gap: Long title, short answer. The average pay for women is lower because women have more low paying jobs. “Still, around 40 percent of the gender wage gap remains unexplained and is likely due, at least in part, to conscious or subconscious discrimination.” Here’s the data.

The Wage Gap by State for Women Overall 2013: The National Women’s Law Center breaks it down comparing men’s and women’s pay in each US State. Washington DC comes in top as having the most parity, with women making  91% of what men make. Louisiana is at the bottom, where women make only 66% of men’s wages.

Key Facts About the Equal Pay Gap: Pew Research gives the stats and takes on the 77% overall number by the DOL. Pew contends women make closer to 84% of what men make, and younger women make closer to 93% of what their male counterparts make – this is probably because they are both in lower paying, entry level jobs.

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