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illustration about social media and law in HRExaminer.com post by Heather Bussing Published August 4, 2015I’ve had the fun and privilege of working with a couple great people on issues involving social media and the law. So here’s what we did, along with some of my posts about social media and legal issues.

Who Owns Your Personal Brand?

Sharlyn Lauby, aka HR Bartender, asks some great questions about how to handle personal brand at work.

Who owns your personal brand depends on how you develop it, who signed up for the social accounts, whether you were paid to do the work, and whether you signed any agreements about it.

Why Social Media Policies Are a Bad Idea

A podcast with David Weisenfeld at XpertHR

The short answer is that you have to prevent problems on social media not punish them. And policies don’t prevent people from doing dumb things.

Social Media’s Real Legal Issues

Some will look familiar, some you may not have thought about.

When companies adopt social media, they are usually concerned about people saying bad things about them. Their first instinct is to issue a policy that dictates what people can and cannot say. This can often backfire. . .

Social Media, Blogging & Copyright

A guide to creating and using content online.

The first thing to understand is the law is way behind reality. Almost all intellectual property law is based on the idea that there is something tangible that you can own and attach ownership rights to—like a book, or a poem, or a painting.

How Employers Can Still See Employee Social Media Accounts

Some states have enacted laws that restrict employers from requiring passwords or access to employees’ personal social media accounts. But the exceptions to these laws are wide and there is less protection than most people think.

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