As we head to the HR Technology Conference and Expo next week,  our five+ links is a look back on HR Tech. Some things have changed; others haven’t at all.

We hope to see you there.

First from 2011, John Sumser’s series on The SaaS Revolt, where he explores the disconnect between vendors and users, a problem that seems to have just increased with time.

Last year’s predictions for The Future of HR Technology from leading analysts including Naomi Bloom, Jason Averbrook, Lexy Martin and John Sumser

How DNA Sequencing and Big Data Will Change Who We Hire and How We Think About HR And how to wrap your brain around that in an interview with John Sumser at Cornerstone On Demand.

Heather Bussing wonders Is Tech is the Answer or the Problem? with the caveat that her “favorite app is the off button.”

John Sumser looks at The State of the Industry heading into HR Tech in 2013 and notices: “The triumph of conventional wisdom can be seen in the ‘new offerings’ that dominate the HRTechnology Conference expo floor. Virtually all vendors will be offering ‘cloud’ services, claiming “innovation”, touting ‘analytics’, celebrating ‘mobile’. All of them will be pooh-poohing the difficulties associated with implementation. They will all downplay the risks associated with getting involved with them.”

Bonus 5: John’s Series from July 2014 on the what to expect and the future of HR Tech

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