Tech Recruiting depends on two variables: the organization's size, and the competence/connectedness of the recruiter.

Tech Recruiting depends on two variables: the organization’s size, and the competence/connectedness of the recruiter.

The thing about Tech Recruiting is that the best way to do it depends on two variables. The organization’s size determines the criticality of a potential hire. The competence/connectedness of the recruiter is the other variable.

This week’s links look at various approaches that small tech companies take.

  • On Hiring Good Engineers
    Preaches mindset over CV. “A simple approach to interviewing doesn’t deserve a long blog post. I ask questions which reveal the professional inquisitiveness characteristic of problem solvers. The questions are mostly freeform, and they do not require paper and pencil. The questions are hard to impossible to prepare for, and in most cases the specifics of the candidate’s answer matter less than the way the answer is delivered. How long the answer is, the degree of animation, articulation of clear opinions.”
  • Hiring Developers: You’re Doing It Wrong
    Interviews are insufficent. Whiteboard coding exercises don’t capture nuance. Better to judge code that you will actually use and examine the candidate’s mindset.
  • How to Hire a Programmer
    Seven steps. Focus on fit after you weed out the wannabes.
  • How We Hire Developers at Treehouse
    Four filter questions, interview, generate code that will be used by the company.
  • How Effective Are Tech Interviews
    Read the comments

Bonus Links

  • I Fu**ed Up
    Legendary programmer talks about the fact that coding always involve screwups (bugs). A coder who can’t say “I f***ed up” isn’t a good coder.

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