5 links post on HRExaminer with graphic of yellow circles and numeral 5 in centerThis week, we talked about conscious bias in Discrimination v. Reality. Below are 5 links that talk about unconscious bias in hiring, leadership, algorithms, and culture.

1.   There’s an Unconscious Race Bias at Work. I Know, Because I’ve Taken the Test by Hugh Muir at the Guardian

Even when we interview and consider lots of different candidates, we still choose PLU’s – People Like Us.

2.   When Algorithms Discriminate by Claire Cain Miller at the New York Times.

It turns out, our algorithms are only as objective as the people who create them. So tech and data are not always the logical, rational, objective basis for decisions that we want them to be.

3.   Leaning Out: Teen Girls and Leadership Bias –by the Harvard School of Education

Girls are biased against girls and women, in part because of the status quo, but also because of the biases of parents, teachers, and the people in power.

This is not news. What is astonishing is that people are surprised by the results.

Women need to start supporting other women. There is no competition. We can all succeed.

4.   Facebook Shares its Diversity Training Video by David Cohen at Ad Week

Facebook is looking at unconscious bias and doing something about it. They started with training and are sharing a video of their internal training session. It’s a great example of where to start.

5.   Study: Unconscious Bias Against Lesbian and Gay People is Rapidly Decreasing at PsyPost

A University of Virginia study shows that attitudes about gay people and gay relationships are changing quickly.

It may be that the gay movement involves white males, or maybe things are really starting to change. Either way, it’s good news.

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