It’s important to understand the broad categories of intelligent software and AI that are available to you in today’s HR Tech marketplace. Let’s round them all up.

Keep in mind that the narrower the problem, the better the tool is likely work. This can mean that larger system implications are overlooked in the pursuit of a problem small enough to be successful.

6 Types of AI or Intelligent Tools in HR Tech

AI as Platform Service
Cloud computing providers (Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft) offer modular tools that very large HR operations are using to build their own internal intelligent HRTech tools.

Data Workbench
There are a finite number of external data sources and currently understood HR Data model types. It is possible to ‘roll your own’ tools using templated data models. Examples include One Model, SwoopTalent, and Visier.

The vast majority of venture-backed solutions (and almost all of the high-volumes of email) involve very focused single point solutions that are a part of a larger standard workflow. There are significant efforts in learning, assessment, sourcing, hiring, interview scheduling, forecasting, performance management, contingent workforce, vendor management, and data transformation.

From Enterprise level HR Solution providers to data vendors, intelligent software is embedded to provide higher quality data and services. Workday, Oracle, Ultimate Software, Ceridian, Kronos, Paychex, Salary dot com, Glassdoor, and ADP are among the leaders. Size and age are serious advantages. In AI, more data is almost always better.

AI First Suite
New systems that work across the full range of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition are being built from scratch on a foundation of Intelligent HR. Ascendify, Bridge by Instructure, and Google are key examples.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Sometimes called Intelligent Automation, this family of solutions is used to integrate data from disparate systems in order to perform routine tasks. It’s one way to eliminate the spreadsheet brain crush.

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