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HRExaminer is an analysis and publishing house focused on HR Technology. Like most analyst firms, we examine the industry up close. We publish reports and regular updates. We examine the state of the art in HRTech and report back to our audience.

We are different than the others because we combine technology analysis with overall industry observations. We aim to provide an up-to-date, cutting edge point of view designed to make our audience think. We look to define the edge in technology and HR practice.

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We deliver our insight in a variety of forms across a variety of media.

Field Reports: Much of our analysis takes the form of reports from the field. John interviews about 300 companies per year. The best make it into our news flow.

HRX Big Ideas Radio: On Wednesday mornings, John interviews the people whose ideas are shaping the industry. Academics, authors, stategists and ground breaking practitioners stop by to tell their stories.

HRTech Weekly: One Step Closer with Stacey Harris and John Sumser: On Thursday mornings, Stacey Harris (the driving force behind the industry’s longest running survey) joins John for a rollicking discussion of the week in HRTech.

HRX Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great.

Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Articles: The EAB is an august group of seasoned executives who work in HR or the ecosystem that supports it. The team includes brilliant minds in analytics, HR Practice and Technical design (among many other things)

Weekly Newsletter: Each Friday, we submit a précis that covers all of our work that week. It’s sent by email and archived on the website.

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John Sumser is a principal analyst for HRExaminer

photo of Heather Bussing on HRExaminer.com in black and white

Heather Bussing is our Vice President of Strategy

photo of Bonnie Henthorn in black and white on HRExaminer.com

Bonnie Henthorn is our Master Scheduler.

photo of Julian Gude in black and white on HRExaminer.com

Julian Gude is our Director of Operations


John Sumser

John Sumser is a principal analyst for HRExaminer, an independent analyst firm covering HR Technology and the intersection of people, tech, and work. John’s mix of experience over the course of his career gives him a broad and unique perspective on the industry. Like anyone trying to process a lot of information, he is two or three steps ahead in some areas and still learning about others.

Sumser’s work includes deep research into the nooks and crannies of HR Technology to identify and explain rapidly evolving trends. Built on a foundation of engineering, design, and philosophy, John seeks to understand and advise clients on where their technology works best, for whom, and in what context.

Each year, John examines the insides of hundreds of companies, their products, and ecosystems. He delivers vendor analysis by building the framework from which to deliver the critique. He is constantly connecting and making visible the front-end of change. He can help you see the path of evolution and the risks on the journey.

The HRExaminer is Sumser’s vehicle for understanding and explaining the inner workings of the industry. With three weekly podcasts, and written commentary, he covers emerging ideas, the state of the industry, and the executives who operate it.

Heather Bussing

Heather Bussing is our Vice President of Strategy. An employment Attorney by day, she brings crisp analytics to topics that range from policy to engagement.

Bonnie Henthorn

Bonnie Henthorn is our Master Scheduler. Bonnie makes the trains run on time.

Julian Gude

Julian Gude is our Director of Operations. He oversees technical execution and is our secret weapon.



Editorial Advisory Board


We also work extensively with our Editorial Advisory Board. This group of global HR and HRTech professionals offer groundbreaking content and occasionally help us in consulting and other content creation.

You can see the members of the Editorial Advisory Board and their bios here and catch up with all their latest articles here.



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