The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board

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Our mission is to shed light on the things that matter most to successful HR leaders. Our view is that Optimal HR requires a different mix of practices depending on the circumstances. Focusing the HR effort on the few things that create real competitive leverage is what separates the transformative from the run of the mill.

We are constanly on the lookout for those thinkers whose work illuminates HR Management. You are extremely unlikely to find much in the way of so called ‘best practices’ or implementation guides on HRExaminer. These things lead directly to mediocrity. Mediocrity is extremely easy to find.

Instead, we’re assembling a unique panel of leaders who think outside of the boxes that most HR is stashed in. Our Editorial Advisory Board is composed of extremely successful players who think hard about the questions of HR Management. They collectively wonder about the things that keep HR executives up at night.

These are voices you won’t hear elsewhere. They offer a variety of perspectives with one common goal – to expand the conversation about being a leader in HR. In their work, you will find insights that will help you build an HR operation that is a competitive weapon.

We believe that big thinking about the deployment of human beings in the organization is where the rubber meets the road.

We’re always open to having new people join the EAB. The qualifications are simple:

– an earned perspective (executive/leadership experience in the HR Industry)
– clear views on approaches to managing all or part of an HR function
– willingness to work with a ruthless and amazing editor (the ability to use strong feedback)

As we publish articles from Founding Members of the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board their names and links to their full profiles and posts will appear below.

To read posts by EAB members head over to our Latest section for EAB members.

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We’re adding members to The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board all the time. Check back soon to see our latest members.