Jamie Resker

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Jamie Resker, HRExaminer.com Editorial Advisory Board Contributor

Jamie Resker, Practice Leader and Founder of Employee Performance Solutions, has a uniquely singular focus – optimizing employee performance through reshaping communications between managers and employees based on two-way, frequent, informal conversations designed to align performance expectations. She helps organizations make the shift away from reviewing and rating past performance to building the capacity of everyone in the organization to speak candidly about strengths, accomplishments, and more comfortably re-direct off-target performance.

Jamie is the originator of the Performance Continuum Feedback Method® and The 10-Minute Conversation, frameworks proven to drive individual, team, and organizational performance. She’s known for being ahead of her time and has dedicated half of her three-decades-long HR career to reframing performance management. Jamie is a thought leader and frequent contributor on the topic of modernizing performance management.

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