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Victorio Milian, Editorial Advisory Board Contributor

Victorio Milian is a Human Resources consultant, writer, and speaker living in the best place on Earth–New York City! Creative, hard working, and smart, his goal is to work with stakeholders to advance a client’s goals.
Victorio has spent most of his career in the fashion retail industry, working his way into management, then Human Resources. Throughout his career he has demonstrated the ability to assume new roles with ever greater responsibility.
Along with this, Victorio has spent the past four years articulating his thoughts through social media about the Human Resources profession, as well as the ever shifting work landscape. His blog ( is well respected, having earned kudos from readers around the world. It has also allowed him to share his insights more directly with others. He has been invited to conferences, deliver keynotes, and speak with a wide variety of groups on the power of social media, as well as gaining employment in an uncertain job market.
Victorio enjoys being a Human Resources professional, working with others who want to build exceptional brands.