Top 25 Logo Art for use on your blog or web articles

Need a Top 25 Online Influencer Logo for your website or article?

We’ve noticed that individuals who appear on one of our Top 25 lists place our Top 25 logo on their site as a citation and link back to HRExaminer as proof of that citation. Good idea! Or, perhaps you’re a blogger or journalist who just needs a fast-loading logo for a blog post or article covering the topic. We’ve got you covered.

Starting with our June 2011 List for Online Influencers in Leadership we will publish fast-loading versions of our artwork specially formatted to make the logo appear more clearly on sites with varying background colors.

We’ll place future Top 25 Logo art here shortly after our publication of a new list.  You can direct questions about our logo artwork via email to julian at hrexaminer dot com. Thanks very much.

Index of Available Logos

Top 25 Online influencers in Leadership v3 2011 – June 22, 2011 – Click Here »

What if I need a logo for a prior list?

For previously published Top 25 lists you can get a basic logo from the archived Top 25 lists you are interested in here. Just visit the archive, open the list, locate the logo on our page, and then right click on the logo and save it to your computer. From there you can insert it on your website or blog like any other image.