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“Achievers practices what it preaches when it delivers a conference. The energy was amazing.”

It’s a long way from “provider of recognition objects like pens and watches” to “driver of employee engagement and behavior.” Achievers, the Canadian company that pioneered the socialization of recognition programs has its sights set on lofty targets.

It’s easy (sort of) to generate manic energy for something like Oracle Open World or Salesforce’s DreamWorld. It’s another thing entirely to make a room of 500 HR folks feel like it’s on fire. Achievers practices what it preaches when it delivers a conference. The energy was amazing.

What they are preaching is simple:

  • Enthusiasm is indistinguishable from engagement.
  • You can build a powerful level of enthusiasm by just letting everyone say thank you a lot
  • Because the Achievers interface feels good (it’s a channel for positive reinforcing messages), it makes an ideal front end for other systems
  • Therefore the Achievers Open API is a good starting point for all of your HRTech interfaces
  • Companies can become communities when the employees feel good about each other.

There’s a lot of workflow and thought between here and there but that seemed to be the nutshell.

You may recall that Achievers was recently acquired by Blackhawk, the nation’s largest purveyor of gift cards. The Blackhawk CEO, Talbott Roche, made a persuasive case that the acquisition added a complement to their business. In order to execute nine million gift card transactions per day, Blackhawk has built amazing technical infrastructure. That’s what they hope to do with Achievers.

My Twitter flow on the subject hits all of the high points.


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