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On April 4, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, Job Boards, John Sumser,, by John Sumser

I’ve now received 15 referrals to a “premier talent website” called Blue Chip Expert. The idea is a multi-level-marketing spin on referrals. The operation appears to pander to consultants, Executive search people and hiring managers. Each of the notes I got inferred that I somehow knew the sender.

One of the frustrating things about the latest trends in social networking software tools is that they skirt the edges of good manners. Broad networking with lots of anonymous partners is how epidemics of social diseases get started. The experimentation is worthwhile.

I just hate to be on the receiving end of spam. Particularly spam from operations that serve recruiters.

I’m learning about targeted bulk email. That’s how we reach out to recruiters to fill the Recruiting Roadshow. It’s delicious, value laden content designed to tell potential participants about this wonderful free opportunity.

Of course, my value laden precision targeted bulk email would never be spam, right?

I’ve tried really hard to work up a lather about the somewhat infuriating technique of pretending to be my friend and then sending me spam. I think, though, that we’re all trying to figure out something new. We need to give each other lots of room to make mistakes. We’re just about to learn something.

These days, the best advice seems to be “Steer clear of people with really simple answers.”

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