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photo of website in coffee shop in article about new website from Staffing Advisors

Staffing Advisor’s new website signals a shift in third party recruiting to transparency, predictability, fixed prices, and educated customers.

Bob Corlett is a long term member of our Editorial Advisory Board. Bob is, hands down, the smartest and most effective headhunter in the DC Metro area. Much of his thinking transcends that particular market. He’s setting the bar for executive search firms.

Bob’s company, Staffing Advisors, has just renovated the face of their business. Take a look. You’re going to find some unusual features.

For instance, the company offers fixed prices an a range of searches. That’s something you see more in the RPO arena where high volume offsets the risk associated with fixed pricing. Corlett also offers a guarantee. If the placement isn’t complete, there’s no charge.

Compare this with the major highbrow search firms. A scan through their annual reports will show you at they close about 65% of their transactions. And, this is while they are on retainer.

The most remarkable part of the new site is the workflow that helps customers estimate how long it will take to fill the open position. More practical than the supply and demand data available from other sources, the Staffing Advisors approach is to use their data to inform their customers. One part of the workflow tells the prospective customer how much time they will have to spend to get the placement to work. The other slice tells that same customer the time to hire.

Corlett is passionate about making his customers successful. He believes that they can’t be without a clear understanding of the process and risks. He wants to set their hiring expectations closely. He sets the bar high for himself while making sure that the hiring authority understands their role in the process.

There’s also a “Recruiting Results Predictor.” It will identify the  “chances that your recruiting process will help you hire a top performer? How much effort will it require?” The tool is built on the company’s data from decades of searches.

The Staffing Advisor’s new website signals a shift in third party recruiting. Transparency, predictability, fixed prices and educated customers are the hallmarks of 21st Century Staffing firms. Expect a ton of search firms to emulate the model.


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