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On February 2, 2011, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser

You are more than a statistic

Have you ever wondered about the disconnect between what you need and what HR Technology companies provide? Are you tired of the awful stereotypes used to characterize the profession? Have you noticed that HR is different depending on where it’s practiced? Are you certified or uncertified? Does it matter?

Do your eyes roll back in your head when you hear mindless discussions about HR that have nothing to do with what keeps you up at night? Have you noticed that the trends forecast by the industry soothsayers never seem to come to a theater near you? Do you wonder who gave all of those consultants a corner on the truth?

This year, HRXAnalysts is launching the first ever comprehensive survey of the demographics, psychographics and brand preferences of the HR Industry. We want to understand, and help the industry understand, the realities of the jobs, decisions and opportunities in the business of HR. We believe there’s a major story to be told about what really happens, who really does it and what role technology plays.

So, we’re going to build a really big team of people who help us see and understand the realities of life in HR. We’ll do it in a number of ways that I’ll be telling you about over the coming months.

The first project is to build the largest ever survey of the industry. Our goal is to build a statistiacally significant picture of the profession and the types of people who work in it. That survey provides the foundation for the rest of the work. To get it right, we need to have about 1,000 people answer the questions in the survey.

Please help us by taking the survey and joining the panel.

Of course, people who help with this survey will get a copy of the executive summary as soon as the data is published. That’s the very least we can do.

The benefits are much bigger than that. Our comprehensive survey will be the beginnings of helping you to explain to your colleagues how HR works in your neighborhood and how you fit into the big picture. By painting an accurate picture of the people, attitudes and practices of HR, vendors will make smarter projects and the news media can be given a more accurate story to tell.

In addition, people who participate will have, if they desire, the chance to participate in deeper, advanced surveys that mine specific practices in specific subsets of the industry. As we mature the process, we expect to be able to compensate the people who help us. It all starts by taking this initial survey.


Thank you,

John Sumser

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