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How can we encourage people to stop leaving their heart and soul at the front desk when they arrive for work? -Doug Shaw, HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board Contributor

I’m emerging from a particularly flowful period of work. I haven’t yet analysed the reasons why, but of late, my work has felt like a real privilege to me. It’s been hard won, well prepared, challenging and enjoyable. And the feedback I’m now getting from those I’ve recently collaborated with supports many of my feelings about the work.

That’s all well and good, and like I say, this work is something I am emerging from. So as this flow decays and falls apart, and before I begin to cocreate another, here I sit panicking mildly about writing for the good people at HRExaminer. How I’d love to craft a deep and meaningful tale of these recent times, packed with wonderful insight and learning for us all. But I can’t.

Flow decays and falls apart

And all my brain can do is fart

So here, from my butterfly mind, to you dear reader, are a bunch of brain farts.

You’re in a meeting, about to speak. Turn on your inner editor and ask yourself: ‘Is my primary reason for speaking a) justification (of my place) or b) to make a contribution?’

Status is not a zero sum game. How can I raise your status and mine? I don’t need to put you down.

Creativity is borne out of constraints.

Learning starts with a blindspot. Realisation of the blindspot leads us to practice. Practice leads to mastery, and so to a habit being formed. Danger re-emerges as habits often equals inability to adapt and change.

It’s more fun hopping around on a scaffold than climbing up and down a ladder. I think we need some hierarchy, but the way it’s currently shaped, sucks.

How much of your work is just the unresolved stuff of your parents?

Why don’t more meetings just have no agenda? What matters now? Let’s play with that then

We compare our inside (blooper reel) with their outside (showreel). When we see vulnerability in others, we see courage. When we see it in ourselves, we see fear. Take courage.

Buy a book. Read a book. Pass it on.

How can we encourage people to stop leaving their heart and soul at the front desk when they arrive for work?

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