090909 CheeseJob I

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CheeseJob I Joel Cheesman leads a charmed life. I’ll always picture him pulling away from the stoplight in Cleveland waving gang signs from his Land Rover. Branding himself as an anti-corporate crusader, the Cheezhead brand was 1/3 Ali G, 1/3 Homer Simpson and 1/3 Howard Beale. And, all cheese all the time. Cheezhead made quite […]

090827 Top 100 Status

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I imagine you’ve been watching things unfold on the Top 100 Influencers Project over on RecruitingBlogs.com. Here’s the progress so far. Background Pieces Key Influencer Keys To Influence Influence Happens In A Context Recruiting and HR Spheres of Influence v Name AKA Arena Sponsor 1.01 Naomi Bloom The Architect Data Structures, Enterprise 1.02 Kevin Grossman […]

090808 #tcamp09 .2

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090808 Transparency Camp 2 #tcamp09 .2 Transparency is a funny thing. At first, you’d think that it means everyone wearing clear plastic dresses. A little bit of thought and you realize that almost everyone will want to wear some form of underwear under their see-thru clothing. A little more digging unearths the idea that some […]

090713 The Reformatting

The Reformatting Robert Reich, the Clinton era Labor Secretary, offers a wise view of the outcome of our current economic turmoil. In ‘When Will The Recovery Begin? Never‘, Reich outlines his view that the next phase will not be a traditional ‘recovery’. Rather, since we’re starting over, Reich sees the next wave of economic behavior […]

090609 #socialrecruiting links

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Thought for the Day: Social media is participatory. If it’s not participatory, it’s not social media. Social Recruiting: Is The Hype Over Yet? Australia’s Michael Specht takes a whack at describing the work that needs to be done. We’re in the very, very early stages and a number if things are predictable. Gartner’s hype model […]

090601 Conventional Wisdom

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Conventional Wisdom (June 01, 2009) If you’ve been following along, there’s a gentle undercurrent about Disruption in my writing these days. The ravages of Moore’s Law ultimately find their way into every pocket of our culture. Moore’s law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware. Since the invention of the integrated circuit […]

090527 Disruption Links

Thought for the Day: Disruption happens when the price drops and the profit increases. Incumbents fail. The Myth of Macroinnovation: “My experience with large companies and governments shows me that it is not a simple or trivial matter to recognize the benefits or marshal the resources. A common failure mode is where the leadership say […]

090526 #SocialRecruiting Links

Thought For the Day: Sourcing is not social. Using social tools for sourcing is not social. Networking is social. That involves communicating with other people. Social Recruiting and Your Job Search The dos and don’ts for candidates. Quotes David MAnaster . Light on the “How to be social” part of social recruiting. The Future of […]

2009 Roadtrip v1.01

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Every so often, I need to get into a two seater and take a roadtrip. Over the years, I’ve driven across the country every way imaginable. Born in Tooele, UT, I have a penchant for vast expanses of desert and canyons. (I was in Tooele for about 6 days when I was born. I didn’t […]

090515 HRTech Links

Thought for the Day: A friend of mine said “the new currency is credibility and attention. In order to get attention, you need credibility.” She was right about everything except the credibility part. WSJ Staff Forbidden To Mix Business and Pleasure on Twitter It’s always really, really smart to treat your best talent as if […]