Making Sense of Nonsense (sense making?)

“It’s hard to stay on top of the flow of conflicting claims about what works and what doesn’t in HR Tech. When analysts evaluate that offering in a matrix that includes other specialty solutions with different focuses, it creates a false set of criteria. Worse, the answers are not helpful.” - John Sumser

SmartRecruiters: The New State of the Art

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“This week, SmartRecruiters held its second annual users’ conference in its new footing as an Enterprise level platform play. With 400 clients in the audience, the firm unveiled its expanded functionality. Guess what? They’ve redefined the state of the art in Recruiting at the Enterprise level.” – John Sumser

iCIMS in Perspective

iCIMS is 17 years old and has consistently grown at 30% a year. Today, iCIMS is at an inflection point. They’re moving the physical location of the company and refocusing on the ‘enterprise’ (over 2,500 employees) market.

How to Talk to an ATS

Recently Chris Havrilla spoke to a group of law students about applying for jobs and learning how to speak ‘ATS.’

Referral Software

Relationships begin with a reference to something. The spectrum ranges from nearly insignificant to extremely intimate.

The Key is Still People

To the extent that current systems perpetuate the myth that data constitutes a relationship, they are major contributors to the problem.

Blue Heron Recruiting

Here are a couple of posts from just about a decade ago.  The industry has been working over that time to clarify the definitions of talent pools, talent communities and so on. These two are a meditation on the business of attracting and nourishing talent.     Just outside of the greenhouse (our offices) is […]

120928 Five Links

Why Don’t Employment Sites Have These Features? Jeff Dickey-Chasens is the preeminent expert on job boards, their functionality, marketing and business strategy. Her, he outlines some useful functionality that would improve job board effectiveness and reach.

Top 100 Influencers in HR v1.81 Craig Fisher

There are two kinds of businesses emerging on the scene today. One, blessed with resources from investors, is heavily oriented towards tool creation in social technology. The other, personified by Craig Fisher, is being built by people with substantial time in the trenches.

090611 Newsy Links

Thought for the Day: Social Media is Not about the tools. It’s not about what you can do with the tools. It’s about the social stuff. Asking More from Talent Acquisition System Providers Madeline Laurano notices that employers aren’t happy with their Talent Acquisition Software suppliers. They never are. One of the interesting things about […]