Hands-on experience cleaning data produces great wisdom

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“In the process of cleaning the data, great discoveries are made about the nature of the investigation. We learn the imperfections of our questions and the things that the data sources want to tell us. Hands-on experience cleaning the data produces great wisdom. The material that we shed in the cleaning process creates the first layer of real insight.” - John Sumser

Defining Value in HR Data

John Sumser steps back from the algorithms and sexy AI sales speak to define the value of HR data at its core.

Is Learning By Mistake Really How We Learn Best?

“The hard way is how I’ve learned everything that’s important to me. Take learning to ski. The only way to hot chocolate is to skid down a mountain. What were you thinking? Suddenly, you have a whole new appreciation for gravity and friction.” - Heather Bussing

The HR Data Department Part II

“Jim Collins originally used the Flywheel as a metaphor in his book, Good To Great. Picture a huge, heavy flywheel mounted horizontally on an axle. The flywheel is two feet thick and weighs five-thousand pounds. Now imagine your task is to get the flywheel rotating on the axle as fast and for as long as possible.” - John Sumser

The HR Data Department Part I

“What we’re talking about here is the emergence of a new set of analytics-driven data-based elements of the HR department. It’s part of a new era in HR management that will evolve over the next two to five years. This is really interesting stuff.” - John Sumser

What’s that got to do with Koala Bears?

“Every time we generalize about people or information or ideas, bits of detail get lost. To define something is to limit it. The very act of putting something complex and nuanced into a more general description, diminishes what is possible to convey about the thing itself. Representations are never complete.” - Heather Bussing

I Don’t Know. Is Learning By Mistake How We Learn Best?

Is there a way to rewire your brain to transform the fear of the unknown and self-loathing of mistakes into real learning and wisdom?

Predictions Everywhere – 9 Trends that are Shaping AI and Intelligent Tools in HR Tech Part II

Veteran HR Tech Analyst, John Sumser completes his series on Nine trends shaping AI and intelligent tools in HR Tech.

Predictions Everywhere – 9 Trends that are Shaping AI and Intelligent Tools in HR Tech

“Humans are not good at making decisions. And yet, the proliferation of intelligent tools will give every decision-maker at every level a range of conflicting inputs from which a decision must be made.” - John Sumser

What to do when the data says you’re wrong

“Every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later.” – Stacey Harris