The New Architecture of Work

Time and motion are not the issue when the product is ideas, conversation and reusable intellectual property. The only thing we know for sure about breakthrough software development is that it seems to involve late nights and a lot of pizza.

What’s Up, Mo?

In a world of rapid feedback in large volumes, employees are looking for clues about whether to stay or to go. There are a ton of variables that can be combined to create a really meaningful assessment of one’s prospects within a company.

Big Data Isn’t Analytics

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Monitoring, in the form of process control charts, spreadsheet generated graphics and staff meeting gotcha reports, was the way an enlightened executive ran his business. Progress was a matter of making the line move up and to the right. Cost cutting involved moving it down and to the right.

Equifax Is a Big Data Company.

By itself, Talx was an extraordinary data asset. Imagine that all of the information associated with the 11 services listed above were collected in a single database. If you could figure out how to sort and sift it, all sorts of things would be possible.
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