The LinkedIn Lawsuit

The new LinkedIn lawsuit could be pivotal and far reaching in the arena of recruiting and recruiting technology.

What HR Should Be Asking Part 2

What is becoming possible is so far beyond conventional definitions of analytics that you’ll miss the bus if that’s how you approach the problem.

What HR Should Be Asking Part 1

More than a mandate, change is an issue of survival. It’s time to ask new questions.

The Circle: Transparency as Prison

Topics: Big Data, Book Review, Futures, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Privacy, by Heather Bussing
Heather Bussing reviews the new book The Circle by Dave Eggers, a fictional tale about transparency gone wrong.

Five Threads V: Human Augmentation

When the advance of human augmentation reaches a certain point, we’re going to have to start figuring out the new work and how to pay people whose work is mostly done by machine.

Five Threads III: Data for Other Departments

What used to be delivered in a stale memo is now communicated in the flow/context of other data. It turns out that the more personal the data, the more it sticks.

Five Threads II: Integrating Non HR Data

Recruiting, which is always the most competitive of the HR silos is already trying to make sense of a world that violates our preconceptions.

Is Tech the Answer or the Problem?

Topics: Analytics, Big Data, Data, Heather Bussing, HR Technology, HRExaminer, by Heather Bussing
My favorite app is the off button. It’s not that I’m a complete luddite. I just have a healthy skepticism about technology as the solution for everything.

Five Links: Practical Matters

Topics: Big Data, HRExaminer, Industry Analysis, John Sumser, by John Sumser
This week’s links include a number of useful pieces of practical information. What can retailers learn from tracking? How to hire. The realities of the long tail. Why Content Marketing is starting to fail. Getting women into hardware.

Handling Data IV: The Single Code Stack

Topics: Analytics, Big Data, HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
Whether or not your software was built by a single team using clearly defined data elements matters. A whole lot.