Five Links: Inno – Outta – Vation

You could decrease the size of the Linkedin database by 20% if you simply banned the word innovation from profiles. The word once reserved for the likes of Thomas Edison is now being bandied about to describe enterprise software rewrites.

Five Links: You Need To Know

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This week’s links run the gamut from dispelling assumptions to the government’s latest mobile app. As always, the point of the Five Links Section is to point you to the cream of the online articles flow.

Five Links: New Ideas and Cautions

The Vanishing Cost of Guessing, What Happens When Publishers Invest In Long Stories, Good Leaders Get Emotional, FC1: Who Learns What, and The Future of Programming.

Five Links: Graphic Visualization

This week, the links all showcase aspects of graphic visualization. Over and over again, you’ll see that you have to have the story before you can have the picture.

Five Links: Genetic Testing and Data

As genetic information becomes clearer and more widely available, it’s going to become an issue in employment law. While there are regulations in place (see below), the data is voluminous, unwieldy and likely to be everywhere.

Five Links: Paranoia Edition

This week, it’s tracking and targeting. The social in social media means hunting and acquiring to some. It means reasonable paranoia to others.

Five Links: Smorgasbord

This week: things online, competing for immigrants, change yourself first, the impact of driverless cars, writing your bio and seeing your facebook network.

Five Links: Managing the Real

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This week’s links include an a piece about the relationship between offshoring and capabilities, skills gap stuff, social recruiting, analytics and user adoption guides.

Five Links: The Future is Close

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This week’s links include an online class, two views of crowdsourcing, spreading ideas online and the industrial internet. As a bonus, there’s a pointer to the universe of Smart Dust. This edition is brought to you with one foot in the future and one foot in the past.

Five Links: Technology and The Future

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Quick review of a study that validates the idea that serial entrepreneurs are more likely to build successful businesses. Prior business failure is an indicator of future business success. The principle should be a part of succession planning.