060923 Embittered Links

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Thought for the Day: Jeff Hunter has returned to the blogosphere. Start: 20 Rules for Recruiting /component/page,shop.product_details/ in the Creative Age Someone just let Jeff Hunter out of his cage. Biting honesty like we’ve been missing for about two years, more or less. We’re so happy to have him back that we’re going to let […]

090611 Newsy Links

Thought for the Day: Social Media is Not about the tools. It’s not about what you can do with the tools. It’s about the social stuff. Asking More from Talent Acquisition System Providers Madeline Laurano notices that employers aren’t happy with their Talent Acquisition Software suppliers. They never are. One of the interesting things about […]

090603 Visualization Links

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Thought for the Day: More and more, HR-Recruiting will be the place you go to understand the data about people in the organization. And, people outside of the organization. And, how they go together. Obama / One People Don’t let the title keep you away from this amazing visualization. It shows the changes in cell […]

090602 #SocialRecruiting Links

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Thought for the Day: Social recruiting is participatory or it isn’t socia. JobScience on Social Recruiting Ted Elliot has built JobScience into a technical powerhouse. They’re a primary sponsor of the Social Recruiting Summit. The add-iness distracts from the message. The service itself is extremely powerful. Who Owns Your Social Media Accounts? Michael VanDervert starts […]

090601 Ordinary Links

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Thought for the Day: After all of the fluff about passion and employee engagement, this emerging trend focuses on the value to be found in a good day’s work. Somehow, in our quest for wealth and status, we lost sight of the fact that even a menial job can be a great job. It’s not […]

090528 Sourcing Links

Thought for the Day: There are no people to be found on the internet. But, there are a lot of documents. Good sourcing is all about looking for documents. It is not about people at all. GRecruiter Ami Givertz is singlehandedly revising the sourcer’s desktop. GRecruiter is the emerging outcome. Get onboard. Boolean BlackBelt A […]

090527 Disruption Links

Thought for the Day: Disruption happens when the price drops and the profit increases. Incumbents fail. The Myth of Macroinnovation: “My experience with large companies and governments shows me that it is not a simple or trivial matter to recognize the benefits or marshal the resources. A common failure mode is where the leadership say […]

090526 #SocialRecruiting Links

Thought For the Day: Sourcing is not social. Using social tools for sourcing is not social. Networking is social. That involves communicating with other people. Social Recruiting and Your Job Search The dos and don’ts for candidates. Quotes David MAnaster . Light on the “How to be social” part of social recruiting. The Future of […]

090515 HRTech Links

Thought for the Day: A friend of mine said “the new currency is credibility and attention. In order to get attention, you need credibility.” She was right about everything except the credibility part. WSJ Staff Forbidden To Mix Business and Pleasure on Twitter It’s always really, really smart to treat your best talent as if […]

090514 Talent Management Links

Thought for the Day: The jargon of HR Vendor Marketing is designed to obfuscate. Infohrm Releases New Modeling Capabilities While no one was looking, the folks at Infohrm have begun to change the world. With models that make real accounting for the organization’s aggregate people movements, the conversation is beginning to approach something a real business […]