How Google Converted Joy Into Long Term Customers

“Great companies (think Apple app store) follow their customers to the value with periodic fits of leadership. The meaning of the software is what the users do.” – John Sumser

Sumser says TRU London HR event is a ‘must’

There are not that many must see HR events on the global stage. TRU London is one. The TRU London gathering is a learning swarm. People interested in Recruiting from all over the globe descend on a small hotel in London’s Indian neighborhood.

Sumser on Kutik Radio

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John Sumser, Founder & Managing Editor of appears on The Bill Kutik Radio Show next Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at Noon EST. Hear John talk about why social media isn’t social at all and the implications of new enterprise technology.

091118 Five Must Reads

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I’m fresh from the Social Recruiting Summit in New York City. It was an extraordinary day with a great lineup and lots of good presentation and conversation. Laurie Reuttimann did a stellar job as MC. My Presentation on The State of Social Recruiting We’re still in the early stages of the adoption of Social Media […]

091016 Moving Day

Top 100…We’ve moved As a part of the reorganization of, the Top100 Influencers project moved to its new home at Top100Influencers. As is the case in any move, there are some things that got packed in the wrong box. We’re busy getting the feel of the new place and remembering where we put stuff […]

091013 #TalentCamp

#TalentCamp This weekend in Portland is the first gathering of #TalentCamp. With marketing that’s reminiscent of the startup of Sourcecon (recently purchased by ERE), #TalentCamp is shrouded in mystery. The participants, all fully fledged  members of the Recruiterati, aspire to great heights. The core participants Brian DeGroodt, Franny Oxford, Jeff Hunter, Joe Gerstandt, Lance Haun,  […]

091012 Domains for Sale

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Do you remember Dave Lefkow? He was a working member of the recruiting community having tackled TMP and Jobster. Several years ago, he was the brightest candle in the box. He’s had amazing luck in the years since he left our world. Baconaise, his bacon-flovered sandwich spread, has been on the Daily Show. The improbable […]

090811 Influence II

More Thoughts About Influence. I get lots of interesting mail about the Top 100 Influencers project over at There are any number of people who want to be on the list. There are great insights into the idea of influence. It’s a rich dialog. I’m looking into influence because I think it’s a central […]

090808 #tcamp09.1

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Transparency Camp .1 #tcamp09 Heather and I ventured to Google headquarters this weekend. The Sunlight Foundation is sponsoring an amazing unconference called “Transparency Camp“. Loosely, it’s a gathering of about 150 people who are interested in bringing transparency to government. Some folks call this Government 2.0. There’s a sort of focus and a sort of […]

090527 Disruption Links

Thought for the Day: Disruption happens when the price drops and the profit increases. Incumbents fail. The Myth of Macroinnovation: “My experience with large companies and governments shows me that it is not a simple or trivial matter to recognize the benefits or marshal the resources. A common failure mode is where the leadership say […]