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This week we’re presenting a comprehensive view of employee engagement. We have a panel comprised of six HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board Contributors with strong voices, good ideas, and unique perspectives. The six articles on employee engagement are published in two parts. Part one features Cathy Missildine, Jason Lauritsen, and Paul Hebert. Part two has articles from Dr. David Kippen, Heather Bussing, and Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Start here »

This week on HR Tech Weekly: Workday Expands ADP Partnership, Mercer invests in Pymetrics, ADP announces expansion of GlobalView, and GuideSpark offers complimentary 1095-C Offering. Listen to Episode 48 of HR Tech Weekly.

In Episode 128 of HR Examiner Radio, John Sumser speaks with Lori Sylvia, the Chief Marketing Officer at Smashfly.


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Does Employee Engagement Really Matter? This week Cathy Missildine has an answer that reflects experience, displays balance, and avoids typical HR dogma. How useful.

Heather Bussing adds her latest thoughts to the subject in, The Engagement Answer, and then rounds out the topic with 5 Links: Engagement.

John Sumser shares his notes from a talk by author Shawn Achor about how Happiness Breeds Happiness.

On Episode 83 of HR Examiner Radio John Sumser interviews Tim O’Shea, Product Manager for Lumesse. Enjoy!

Does Employee Engagement Really Matter?

…”HR professionals waved the employee engagement flag without understanding how engagement and motivation work.” – Cathy Missildine

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This week on HRExaminer John Sumser explores how The Transformation of HR is Underway. Cathy Missildine gives us 3 HR Metrics to Monitor Risk. Heather Bussing covers the next chapter on the Linkedin lawsuit in, Who Owns Data 8: Trouble With Linkedin’s Lawsuit. John Sumser offers up Five Links about USA Regional Data and interviews Lars Schmidt on HRExaminer Radio. Enjoy!

3 HR Metrics to Monitor Risk

The metrics that are tied to organizational strategy and risk are the ones that the C-Suite really cares about.

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From Transactional Data to Strategic Insights. By understanding the business you are in and the challenges the business face, HR can truly have influence and impact.

From Transactional Data to Strategic Insights

By understanding the business you are in and the challenges the business face, HR can truly have influence and impact on the organization by analyzing the right data and telling a great data story.

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Feature: What if mobile devices are just the eight track tapes of our times? In technology, the next thing resembles the last thing until it simply doesn’t any more. Read more in John Sumser’s feature article 8 Track Tapes. From the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board: Dr. Todd Dewett implores Show Your Ink: You Have to […]

From HR Metrics to HR Intelligence

“HR Metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes and to measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. They enable a company to track year-to-year trends and changes in these critical variables.” – Cathy Missildine

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Enterprise Games – Merging of Video Games and Business Operations This presentation will begin on November 16, 2012 at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time. Webcast is on November 16, 2012 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET. Games and game mechanics provide as powerful a model for organizing knowledge and creative work as the assembly line once did for organizing industrial and repetitive work. In this webcast presented by Michael Hugos, author of Enterprise Games, we will explore game mechanics and how they provide a powerful set of field-tested techniques and technologies for organizing, motivating and managing work as well as play. Learn how the merger of games and business operations can deliver widespread prosperity for the real-time economy we now live in. Don’t miss this informative presentation.