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New systems often fail to displace old tools and can end up creating even more work. Chris Havrilla shares proven leadership solutions to help you innovate without sliding backwards. Keeping your Eyes on the Prize: A Parable for Leading AI / System Innovations.

Creativity thrives in wide open spaces and impossible constraints. Best practices are all about playing it safe and avoiding risk. You can’t have it both ways. Heather Bussing explains more in, Why Best Practices Suck.

The Tao of HR. “At the core, the role of the HR team is to take care of all the things people worry about when they aren’t worrying about work.” - Dwane Lay

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The HCM Master Class: Princeton
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Understanding the Human
Capital Marketplace, its Evolution,
and its Future.

Friday (all-day) June 29, 2018
Optional Museum & Dinner Thursday, June 28th
Historic Nassau Inn Palmer Square
Princeton, New Jersey

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John Sumser speaks with Devin Wardell Cook, Fulbright Scholar and the Executive Producer of the Inclusive Innovation Challenge launched under Devin’s leadership at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. Listen to Devin on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Cornerstone Convergence update from Stacey and John, IBM and Cornerstone Expand Strategic Relationship, Kronos Launches Kronos Workforce Ready in France, HR Tech startup Structural raises $2.5 million, PageUp reports ‘unauthorized activity’ and data breach, and Microsoft purchases GitHub and launches Underwater Data Center in Scotland.

Keeping your Eyes on the Prize: A Parable for Leading AI / System Innovations

“Any large system, especially as it ramps up, is going to be operating much of the time in failure mode. (Even if it looks like it’s working.)” – Chris Havrilla

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Most candidates have never heard of an ATS and don’t understand the system behind the forms they are filling out while uploading their resume. Recently, Chris Havrilla took time out of her day as the VP of Global HR Technology at ADP to talk with a group of legal students about a new language they’d need to learn in order to land their first job as a lawyer. Read, How to Talk to an ATS.

Heather Bussing covers the subtle and not so subtle case of Discrimination v. Reality. After hearing Heather’s case, be sure to read what others are saying in, 5 Links: Unconscious Bias.

On Episode 30 of HR Tech Weekly: Oracle HCN Cloud 10, Ultimate Software ACA Employer Services, Accenture dumps performance reviews, and Zappos compensation and holacracy.

On HR Examiner Radio John Sumser talks with Rajeev Behera, Founding CEO of Reflektive, a real time feedback and performance management system.

How to Talk to an ATS

Recently Chris Havrilla spoke to a group of law students about applying for jobs and learning how to speak ‘ATS.’

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“We have been talking about the War for Talent for almost two decades. But relying only on resumes and job descriptions is like shooting cannonballs into the ocean.” Chris Havrilla joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week and we’re featuring her post Hire People, Not Just Skills.” And at 11AM PDT today (2PM EDT) Chris will join John Sumser live on the HR Examiner Radio Show (live show link).