Finding My Way : Creativity and Innovation in Context

“Creativity is messy at times, it is unpredictable, and relies on curiosity, patience, persistence and more. If you want to deploy it in your work – start with the curiosity.” – Doug Shaw

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Doug Shaw writes, “Open Space Technology is a very liberating, loose framework within which to convene dialogue. I like it a lot.” Read Doug’s latest article, Zenzine: Different Ways of Recording our Thoughts.

All of us know a person who seems to leave a company just before the layoffs, or at just the right time to take advantage of a new economic wave at a competitor. These are Sentinel Employees. Get the early word from Paul Hebert.

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HRIntelligencer Highlights: “It’s a mistake to call the new wave of intelligent software AI. But, we are making interesting progress towards the next stages of digital tooling. Predictions are becoming inexpensive and people are learning how to predict an amazing array of things.” - John Sumser

John Sumser speaks with Joe Hanna, the founder, and CEO of ENGAGE Talent, an AI-powered recruiting platform. Listen to Joe Hanna on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Hits Major Milestones with 15,000 Unique Job Titles, Workday Furthers Data discovery capability within Prism Analytics, Phenom People Raises $22 Million, Indeed Pledges 3,000 New Jobs in Austin, Terminal Raises $13 Million, and Microsoft launches SharePoint Spaces so you can view company content in mixed reality.

Zenzine : Different Ways of Recording our Thoughts

Doug Shaw is exploring Open Space Technology, a liberating framework within which to convene dialogue. Doug shows examples from Open Space events discussing: The Future of Learning Technologies, The Arts in his local borough, and Mental Health.

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How might we take the good intent behind creative thinking, and activate it, and give it a better chance of becoming useful? Doug Shaw gives us a head start in, What Happens When Creative Thinking Meets Creative Practice?.

Is Modest Disruption a Thing? Success is usually at the root of disruption. “Getting it right” almost always produces myopia that prevents further exploration. Success prevents learning. John Sumser has the analysis.

HRIntelligencer 1.29 Highlights: Ambient AI Is About to Devour the Software Industry, Artificial Intelligence Seeks an Ethical Conscience, and much more.

John’s Guest On Episode 260 of HRExaminer Radio is Jason Corsello, the SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development for Cornerstone. Jason is responsible for driving the company’s product innovation, go-to-market strategies, and new corporate initiatives.

On Episode 150 of HR Tech Weekly GDPR and HR Technology, OPM wants to kill off the HR IT Frankenstein monster, Microsoft acquires Workboard, Apple invests $390 million in maker of depth-sensing chips for iPhone X.

What Happens When Creative Thinking Meets Creative Practice?

“So how might we take the good intent behind creative thinking, and activate it, and give it a better chance of becoming useful?” – Doug Shaw

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Enthusiasm, encouragement, support — these are all helpful, lovely, necessary ingredients which go towards co-creating a good working experience. And they’re not enough. Read, Taking and Sharing Responsibility from Doug Shaw.

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have significant impact on businesses around the globe. Not to worry, Mika Javanainen has you covered with, 10 Things for HR to Know about GDPR.

In HRIntelligencer 1.03, John Sumser shares the Big Picture on AI assistants, HR’s view on Cybersecurity hiring woes, Predictive modeling for People Analytics, Tutorials on natural language processing for Big Data, and the Quote of the Week.

On episode 125 of HR Tech Weekly: HR Tech World Updates, Ascendify, Talent App Store, Should company’s make Vacation mandatory, and John and Stacey’s HR Tech World Presentation: HR Tech Ethics of HR and Machine Learning.

John Sumser talks with Don Weinstein, ADP’s Chief Strategy Officer. Don joined ADP in 2006 as VP of Corporate Strategy and has since held a variety of roles in strategy, product management, and business development. Listen to Don Weinstein on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

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This week Heather Bussing appeared in a Wall Street Journal story about employee theft. In our feature article, you can read Heather’s complete thoughts on Handling Employee Theft.

Doug Shaw talks about the pitfalls of anonymous employee surveys and reviews in, I Need You To Know Who I Am.

John Sumser looks at the emerging shape of contemporary organizations in his article, Ecosystems and Formal Hierarchies.

On HR Examiner Radio John Sumser interviews Bertrand Dussert, Vice President, HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership for Oracle. Enjoy!

I Need You To Know Who I Am

“Forcing anonymity on people is not helpful. In it’s own way – this simple act reinforces the kind of behavior we are saying that we don’t want.” – Doug Shaw

HR Tech Haiku

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“Tweeting the conference in haiku was so fun. Here are some of the pictures and poetry.” – Heather Bussing

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Feature: In, What the Hobby Lobby Case Means, Heather Bussing explains how it’s possible that the Hobby Lobby decision may increase the freedoms that the companies involved sought to restrict. John Sumser will help you Find the Thread in HR Technology. Dr. Todd Dewett talks about a new kind of HR in, 3 Types of HR Professionals. Doug Shaw encourages you to stop leaving your heart and soul at the front desk when you arrive for work in, Butterfly Mind. John Sumser wraps up our weekly issue with 5–links on How it Works and his interview of founder Steven Rothberg on HR Examiner Radio. Enjoy!