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Bad HR data is costing you money, and with automation and intelligent tools, the importance of data quality only increases. Neil McCormick and Dr. Chris Andrews team up to highlight the risks and rewards of HR Data Quality in your organization.

What Do Dots, Detail, and Data Have to Do with Koala Bears? If there’s anyone that can explain this, it’s Heather Bussing.

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In this short video, John Sumser discusses The Transition from Enterprise to Intelligent HR Software and Solutions at an IBM Think TED Talk.

John Sumser speaks with Stacia Garr, co-Founder and Principal Analyst at RedThread Research. Stacia’s work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, and The New York Times. Listen to Stacia Garr on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Stacey has updates from this week’s Oracle And Globoforce Events, including Globoforce announcing their name change to Workhuman. ADP is rebranding, and there’s a slew of funding news headed up by Workfront that completed a massive $280M Investment Round while Betterworks saw their latest financing bring them to $65M in total funding.

HR Data Quality

On March 19, 2019, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Neil McCormick, by Dr. Chris Andrews
Neil McCormick and Dr. Chris Andrews discuss the need for a globally recognized, structured approach, to managing and maintaining the overall workforce data quality in organizations.

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Hilton Hotels found that by implementing AI they were able to shorten their recruiting process by about 75%. Rob May sums up 4 Things All HR Leaders Need to Know About Implementing AI.

Skip the punch bowl and the headache and go straight to Heather’s Annual Employer Holiday Guide.

What entitles us to correctly call an evaluation of Human Resources an “HR Audit?” Dr. Chris Andrews explains The Issue with HR Auditing.

John Sumser speaks with Erin Spencer, Senior Research Analyst at Sierra-Cedar. Erin is responsible for the programming and data analysis of the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey. Listen to Erin Spencer on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly, AscentisCorp acquires Cincinnati Time Systems, Google hires former Oracle Exec Thomas Kurian and their Candidate discovery tool is out of Beta, SumTotal Systems has updates, and Mom Projects acquires $8MM in funding.

The Issue with HR Auditing

On December 18, 2018, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, by Dr. Chris Andrews
“If you are conducting an HR Audit, it should be clearly recognizable as such to an auditing professional. If you are conducting an HR Management Review, then don’t make the mistake of calling it an audit.” Dr. Chris Andrews

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“If we had to start again and design the HR profession from a blank page, we wouldn’t start by hoping HR technology could fix the current mess.” - Dr. Chris Andrews. How would you shape HR if you were Starting Again?

We finish up our profiles from the 2019 HRExaminer Watchlist with development based performance management from Bridge by Instructure.

Learn how an approach inspired by Michelangelo could help you create new talent strategies. Read part two of, What Michelangelo Can Teach Us About Talent Strategies.

John Sumser speaks with Laura Bilazarian, co-founder and CEO of Teamable. Laura has worked in high stakes arenas like investment banking, private equity, social enterprise, and rugby (yes, rugby). Listen to Laura Bilazarian on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly, LinkedIn Builds ATS, Launches New Diversity Insights, and acquires Glint to bolster employee engagement tools. Degreed Introduces Skill Review and Workday announces their “Frictionless” Talent Marketplace.

Starting Again

On October 9, 2018, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, by Dr. Chris Andrews
How would you construct the HR profession if you had the chance to start again? Dr. Chris Andrews reminds us that there is a lot more to it than deploying the latest HR Technology bandage.

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On April 27, 2018, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
With his three daughters in mind, Dr. Chris Andrews examines the gender pay gap from all angles. Equivalence (for women).

“If discretionary effort means time working, then it’s not really discretionary.” You have to admit, Heather Bussing makes a good point. Stop Defining Employee Engagement as Discretionary Effort.

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HRIntelligencer Highlights: “The broad themes include a deeper look at privacy, clearer definitions of what is and isn’t AI, the shifting definitions of a company, the importance of being able to reproduce results, and the criticality of clean accurate data.” - John Sumser

John Sumser speaks with Robin Erickson, Ph.D. Dr. Erickson leads talent acquisition, engagement, and retention research for Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP. Listen to Robin Erickson, Ph.D., on HRExaminer Radio.

On HR Tech Weekly: Ceridian IPO Raises $462 Million, Learning Technologies Acquires PeopleFluent, ServiceNow Acquires VendorHawk, Aasonn Partners With PeopleDoc, Lumesse Announces Partner Marketplace, and John shares his excitement about his upcoming talk on AI at the O’Reilly AI Conference.

Equivalence (for women)

On April 23, 2018, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, by Dr. Chris Andrews
“While looking at the issue of gender pay equity for work purposes I thought it seemed unnecessarily complex. I asked the eldest of my three daughters what she knew, and she answered that she understood women were paid less than men, but that she couldn’t readily explain why.” – Dr. Chris Andrews

HRExaminer v8.46

On December 1, 2017, in Dr. Chris Andrews, Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
An 80% success rate is acceptable if you’re talking about tagging photos with artificial intelligence. What about sensitive areas like hiring? John Sumser explores the problems we might encounter When 80% is success.

Dr. Chris Andrews can’t see what makes an agile employee any more valuable than a regular flexible employee. Agile isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

HRIntelligencer 1.26 Highlights: The bidding war for qualified AI practitioners, FLUREE, the latest project from SilkRoad, Why Artificial Intelligence is Different from Previous Technology Waves, and Without Humans Artificial Intelligence Is Still Pretty Stupid, plus much more.

report cover AI Intelligent Software

HRIntelligencer 1.27 Highlights: Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself? In 2018, the European Union will begin enforcing a law requiring that any decision made by a machine be readily explainable, on penalty of fines that could cost companies like Google and Facebook billions of dollars. Plus, much more.

We’ve got two episodes of HR Tech Weekly due to the Thanksgiving day holiday here in the U.S. Episode 147 Highlights: intelliHR announces opening of its IPO, UNLEASH Rolls Out Future Growth Plans and Appoints Mark Downey as Head of Strategy, IHRP and CIPD partner to advance HR community in Singapore, FCC chairman sets out to scrap open internet access rules, and the outlook for the Worldwide Natural Language Processing Market.

On Episode 148 of HR Tech Weekly: John’s update from the HRE Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference, Ed Tech Company Instructure Acquires Video Learning Specialist Practice, NEOGOV Announces Purchase of FirstNet Learning, Is HR Ready for Blockchain Technology?, and WeWork Buys Meetup.

Agile isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

On November 20, 2017, in Dr. Chris Andrews, HRExaminer, by Dr. Chris Andrews
“For me there is tremendous scope for HR to move forward through well designed standards. Agility may be more popular but it’s a fragile concept.” – Dr. Chris Andrews