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Buzzword laden HR language is out of control. John Sumser discusses the impacts in our feature post Buzzwords, Buzzwords Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink. Ed Newman drops in to talk about candidate experience and technology and Heather Bussing and John Sumser discuss the Privacy App.


Candidate Experience and Technology

“It has been an incredible journey to participate in the evolution of the HR Technology market, witnessing the early pioneers like PeopleSoft blazing trails, the successes and failures of point solutions, and the expansion and consolidation of the talent management segment.”

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Recruiting is Local II Local Recruiting doesn’t mean narrowing your search. It means starting locally and working up. It means connecting with half of U.S. workers. It’s where small and growth and tech and innovate and patent and yes hang out. Read Now » What’s in your Talent Management Technology Portfolio? by Ed Newman Talent […]

What’s in your Talent Management Technology Portfolio?

Ed Newman on Talent Management: I remember thinking that as the market matured, some day it would all be crystal clear. But as you walk through the exhibit hall of any HR conference, it is just as confusing as ever.