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You might laugh at the notion of a talent shortage or ‘war for talent’ in our current economy. But the joke would be on you. Learn more in this week’s HRExaminer and be sure to catch Editorial Advisory Board contributors Hank Stringer and Marc Effron and John’s guide to Talent Communities.

The Value of Hiring to Deficiency

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“We have a very high unemployment rate and an abundance of people without the right skills. What do we do? How do we align this mismatch to execute and accomplish business and personal life goals? There is an answer in the way we interview and hire. ”– Hank Stringer

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This week we published the Fourth Edition of our Top 25 List for Online Influence in HR. Hank Stringer discusses the systemic problems clogging up the talent pipeline. John Sumser introduces us to Friendship Farming (not what you think) and Pummeling Equine Cadavers (huh?).

Less Data, More Target

Topics: Editorial Advisory Board, Hank Stringer, HRExaminer, by Hank Stringer
Ask just about anyone if they think the ‘pipes are too full’ with resumes and you will quickly get agreement. Why? Well, ask if a resume has been submitted to a company and where it ended up. Nine times out of ten the response will be ‘the black hole’. As long as systems are designed for talent to view all positions and apply to any of them, many people will do just that – apply for everything and hope. Meanwhile recruiters search public and private resume databases, finding people who may have submitted to a position long ago and never heard back. These are not new problems. They are, however, made worse in our connected world.

HRExam Poll 2.1: The Details

We close out our series on the outsourcing of HR by sharing all of the detailed responses from our HRExam poll. First up we have a quick summary of the responses and then we provide each member's full response. Do you run an HR team with outsourced functions? Contemplating a new outside effort? We'd love to hear your views. Leave us a comment or write a reply post and link back to this post.

The HRExaminer v1.40

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Mad Men

Topics: Editorial Advisory Board, Hank Stringer, by Hank Stringer
Hank Stringer, CEO of Stringer Executive Search joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week. Hank has 30 years of experience as a successful high-tech recruiter, entrepreneur, and recruitment technology innovator. Forecasting a talent shortage in 1994, Stringer founded, the first ASP business model, utilizing the Internet to scale and automate interactive recruiting relationships […]