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The Secret to Good Contracts

On September 24, 2013, in Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Policies, by Heather Bussing
Contracts don’t have to be pages of incomprehensible legal mumbo-jumbo. They can be clean and simple and understandable.

HRExaminer v4.36

On September 20, 2013, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser

In this week's feature, No Pants Works, Heather Bussing reviews Scott's book and examines how companies like WordPress are navigating the traditional outputs of a company (namely profit and growth) without anything we’d recognize as an HR team or practice.


Employment Law Carnival: Princess Bride Edition

On September 18, 2013, in Employment Law, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, by Heather Bussing
Scaling the Cliffs of Insanity. Battling Rodents of Unusual Size. Facing torture in the Pit of Despair. Welcome to the Employment Law Blog Carnival, a monthly collection of the best employment law blog posts all in one place.

No Pants Works

On September 17, 2013, in Engagement, Futures, Heather Bussing, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Leadership, Reviews, Talent Management, by Heather Bussing
Berkun decided if he was going to keep writing and speaking about work and management, he needed to to go back to a company and manage people working, but Wordpress didn’t have hierarchies, or departments, or managers.

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On September 13, 2013, in Editorial Advisory Board, Harry Gottlieb, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Weekly, by John Sumser
In our feature, John Sumser illustrates the seven basic elements of a job thru his experience this week with a Seattle-based Nordstrom employee. It’s a different take on two of the more misunderstood HR concepts kicking around the people business today – Engagement and Passion.

Gender Equity – WTF HBS‽

On September 9, 2013, in Discrimination, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Leadership, by Heather Bussing
The New York Times article on Gender Equity Issues at Harvard Business School reveals a culture of arrogance, self-absorption, and money as the highest good. It was about men and women “leveraging social capital” and calculating the ROI of every human interaction.

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On August 30, 2013, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Jason Lauritsen, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
How do we find clarity and meaning in business when corporate double–speak and political correctness are the rule? In this week’s feature Heather Bussing speaks clearly about The Cult of Nice.

The Cult of Nice

On August 26, 2013, in Discrimination, Engagement, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, by Heather Bussing
We talk about “A-list” and “Talent,” when we mean a warm body with a brain, some relevant experience, and a pair of hands. The Cult of Nice has created a communications snowstorm that has completely obscured meaningful discourse.

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On August 23, 2013, in Editorial Advisory Board, Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, Neil McCormick, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
We’re still looking at who owns data. This week we’re featuring Legal Editor Heather Bussing’s post on LinkedIn, Who Owns Data 7: Linkedin or Fencedin. Heather reveals that LinkedIn’s terms of service contain more weasels than your average company weasel words.

Who Owns Data 7: Linkedin or Fencedin

On August 20, 2013, in Data, Heather Bussing, HR Scoop, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Social Recruiting, Social Software, by Heather Bussing
Who owns data? Terms of Service or User Agreements are a kind of contract that describes who owns what. When you buy software, you don’t really own the software itself. You get a license to use it.
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