Scaling People: Start with the End in Mind

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“Scaling people has always been a challenge, but there are aspects to the way business operates today that make it harder—or easier—than ever. Ten years ago, “employee experience” and “candidate experience” weren’t things. But then the internet happened.” - Jason Seiden

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What does Jason Seiden mean when he says, “Love Is Not Enough?” “The people-need-people kind of love that brings us together, puts relationships at the center of our work experience, and reminds us that technology and contracts and business should all support relationships, not supplant them.” Read, Love Is Not Enough.

Dr. Todd Dewett returns to The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board with Hammer, Meet Nail.

On Episode 56 of HR Tech Weekly: Franklin tech firm Rustici sells to U.K. company for $26 million, Want a job? These two industries are desperate for talent (iCIMS), Yahoo performance management process challenged in court, Department of Labor plans to revive a survey of “contingent” workers, and topics #Learning, #BigData, SCORM, and XAPI.

Listen to Episode 137 of HR Examiner Radio, as John Sumser speaks with Kathy Nottingham, the Director of Industry Analyst Relations at Ultimate Software.

Kelly Robinson, the CEO of Broadbean, joins host John Sumser on Episode 138 of HR Examiner Radio.


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It ain’t rocket science. It’s love, people. Love. In this week’s feature, Jason Seiden explains Why Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Come from HR, and why it’s all about love.

In Not a Number, John Sumser weighs a simple truth about recruiting: Your effectiveness depends on how you feel about yourself and others.

In this week’s edition of Five Links, John Sumser focuses on the role that data, methods, and tracking are playing in the business of recruiting and managing people.

On Episode 20 of HR Tech Weekly, Stacey and John discuss the Cornerstone Convergence annual users conference, the Cornerstone Edge announcement, and the GuideSpark ENGAGE2015 event.

In episode 95 of HR Examiner Radio, John Sumser talks with Ann Wyatt, Regional Vice President at Health Fitness Corporation.

At KeyInterval Research, John Sumser attended the GuideSpark ENGAGE2015 event in San Francisco and brought back five gems to share with you.


Love: Why Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Come from HR

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We are the leaders of the future. We know how it works: put real relationships with real people first, let the technology follow, and you can’t ever lose.