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We start this week with our feature on the Ashley Madison story. Read John Sumser’s article Ashley and the Ostrich and, Why You Should Not Check to See if Employees are on Ashley Madison, from Heather Bussing.

On Episode 108 of HRExaminer Radio John speaks with Crystal Miller, Chief Engagement Officer at Branded Strategies. On Episode 107, John talks with China Gorman, Chair of the WorkHuman Advisory Board at Globoforce.

On Episode 34 of HR Tech Weekly Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss the Amazon Employee Backlash, CareerBuilder BDAS Analytics, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Ultimate Software’s 2nd quarter results. On Episode 33 the topics include: the SuccessFactors user conference, ADP Health Exchange, Commentary on growing HR Tech competition, and the LinkedIn SuccessFactors data integration.

Jay Cross shares an uplifting and instructional account about how he freed himself from depression. Don’t skip, I’ve Been Depressed, You? by Jay Cross.


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John Sumser writes about the so called ‘active job hunter,’ in this week’s feature article, Know Who You’re Talking to.

Jay Cross explains how you can use ‘Flipped Meetings,’ to reclaim wasted time. Read, Flip Your Meeting.

Heather Bussing has a book review of Mindful Work by author David Gelles.

On Episode 13 of HR Tech Weekly Stacey and John discuss HR Tech Europe, Oracle HCM World, the Employee Success Platform from Achievers, Ultimate Software’s user conference, and their alliance to integrate UltiPro HMC into the NetSuite ERP suite.

John Sumser wraps up this week’s issue with Population Dynamics, and Episode 89 of HR Examiner Radio where he speaks with Adam Ochstein, founder of StratEx.

Flip Your Meeting

Jay Cross explains the virtues of Flipped Meetings, and how you can use them to reclaim wasted time.

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This week on The HR Examiner we’re talking about The State of Innovation in HR. When you’ve read John Sumser’s feature article you’ll find fuel for your own innovation in, Five Links: Non HR Tech Companies Entering the Market. Jay Cross stops by to discuss The New Workplace and Heather Bussing reviews the legal considerations if you Don’t Monitor Employees on Social Media. On HR Examiner Radio John sits down with Ken Haigh, CEO of People Matter. Enjoy!

The New Workplace

Topics: Futures, HR Technology, HR Trends, HRExaminer, Jay Cross, by Jay Cross
Six years ago few people believed that informal learning made much of a difference.

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This week our HR Examiner feature is Recruiters are Roadies, by Bob Corlett. Like roadies, recruiters set the stage for the main event. Jay Cross adds an Informal Embrace to learning on the job. John Sumser has Five Links about how Work is Changing and interviews Kevin Cavanaugh, IBM’s Vice President for Smarter Workforce Engineering on HR Examiner Radio. Enjoy!

Informal Embrace

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CLOs tell me the stuff that keeps them awake at night is that now the realization that learning is social, mobile, and collaborative.

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This week we’re featuring John Sumser’s two-part series on What HR Should Be Asking. Harry Gottlieb unearths facts about how Employees Dish on Benefits Communication, Jay Cross pens a modern day tale about Heinz, New Coke and Social Media. Heather Bussing covers Emotions At Work and her Employer’s Guide to the Holidays. John Sumser wraps up this issue with What’s Changed?, on the impact of people bringing participative media (and its ideals) into the organization. Enjoy!

Heinz, New Coke and Social Media

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We all have too many balls in the air right now to waste time rewiring our brains and fingers to punch buttons that have moved.

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The so-called talent shortage is really a lack of workers who are willing to take a pay cut, not a demographic crisis. In this week’s feature article, Talent Shortages, John Sumser pinpoints the real issues.