What do you believe about the facts?

On October 26, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Joe Gerstandt, by Joe Gerstandt
“One of the many collective delusions alive and well today is that we are awash in “facts.” I personally do not think we have much in the way of facts. We certainly have access to more information than ever before, but the vast majority of that information is still open to interpretation.” -Joe Gerstandt

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Joe Gerstandt writes, “I will know that we are serious about humanizing the workplace when that is where we begin. In any endeavor involving human beings, inclusion must be the first priority, the first practice, it must be the first product.” Inclusion Comes First.

In John Sumser’s first edition of The HRIntelligencer, he looks at the Big Picture in AI, plus AI in the field, and a tutorial on how machine learning works. Read, HRIntelligencer 1.01.

Oracle is clearly pointing to the emerging near term trend of blending HR directly into operations. John Sumser has more in, Disappearing HR.

On episode 123 of HR Tech Weekly: SAP and Ceridian Analyst Updates, Electronic Commerce Inc. to Become Vibe HCM, Google says it’s too expensive to provide wage data to government, and IPsoft Introduces the Most Human AI Technology on the Market.

John Sumser talks with Mary Kaylor, the manager of public affairs for the Society for Human Resource Management. She is the managing editor of the SHRM Blog and the creator and producer of #Nextchat, a global Twitter chat on HR trends. Listen to Mary Kaylor on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 22 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks with Susan R. Meisinger, SPHR, JD. Susan is a columnist on HR Leadership for HRExecutive Online. She is the former President and CEO of SHRM. Susan also co-authored and edited “The Future of Human Resource Management.” Listen to Susan Meisinger on Big Ideas Radio.

Inclusion Comes First

On May 29, 2017, in HRExaminer, Joe Gerstandt, by Joe Gerstandt
“We are rapidly turning “human” and “humanizing” into some of our newest and most fashionable buzzwords, as much of what is said and written in their name has little to do with humans.” – Joe Gerstandt

Unfortunately, HR doesn’t understand human beings either

Someone needs to speak for *humans* in the organization, and they should know what they’re talking about.

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On January 6, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Joe Gerstandt, Neil McCormick, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
“If we listen to the rhetoric, the function of HR is progressing nicely along the path to being recognized as a strategic business partner within organizations and a critical player in the overall corporate cycle. In my experience the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.” Read Neil McCormick’s article, My three wishes for HR and business in 2017.

Joe Gerstandt says that if you cannot settle on clear, concise, and logical definitions of diversity and inclusion you will only truly benefit from them by accident. Read, Different Kinds of Difference.

Employment Branding is an old, old story. Here’s how John Sumser was talking about it in late 2000. Start with From The Vault: Employment Branding 1 of 2 and then finish with Part 2.

This week on Episode 102 of HR Tech Weekly: SAP Analyst Update, Talemetry HealthcareSource Announce Partnership, DOL issues final rule on city retirement programs, “So What Kind of Performance Review Do You Want, Anyway?,” and Gartner predicts future of personal data in smart cities.

On episode 103 of HR Tech Weekly Stacey and John host the year-end show on notable HR Tech news, acquisitions, mergers, funding, and The Top 5 Ways Work Changed in 2016.

Chris Bruce is the managing director and co-founder of Thomsons Online Benefits. Chris led the development of Thomsons Online Benefits very first benefits administration technology platform, Darwin. He is also a patron of the charity JustAid. Listen to Chris Bruce on HRExaminer Radio.

Rounding out the first issue of 2017 we have Episode 2 of HRx Big Ideas Radio where John talks with Alise Cortez, PhD about Finding Meaning in Work.

Different Kinds of Difference

On December 26, 2016, in HRExaminer, Joe Gerstandt, by Joe Gerstandt
Diversity means difference. Rather than continuing to copy and paste hollow and lazy phrases such as “we celebrate and embrace the rich diversity…,” we can consider that difference shows up in a lot of different ways and we need to understand what kinds of difference have value to us and why.

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People are getting lost in the system and it’s not getting better. This week Joe Gerstandt has some thoughts on, Who will speak for the humans?

Heather Bussing explores Transgender Discrimination and taking a break from social media in her two articles, Transgender: The Ultimate Form of Gender Discrimination and My Social Media Retreat.

Neil McCormick returns for the new year with “My 2015 wishes for HR.” John Sumser talks with Lucian Tarnowski, Founder and CEO of BraveNewTalent about using social learning technology to grow peer-to-peer learning communities. Enjoy!

Who will speak for the humans?

Someone needs to speak for *humans* in the organization, and they should know what they’re talking about.

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Who owns data? It’s not such a simple question after all. Heather Bussing and John Sumser conclude their nine-part series in this week’s feature. Joe Gerstandt stops by HR Examiner to ask us, How Real is Your Organization? In Five Links: Ch Ch Ch Changes, John Sumser shares insight from around the globe, and on HR Examiner Radio John interviews VP Marc Moschetto about WorkForce Software’s marketing strategy. Enjoy!

How Real is Your Organization?

I find it very hard to take the “war for talent” seriously when I see so much talent that is already on the payroll being wasted.