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Is engagement an employee decision or a company program? In this week’s feature article, Paul Hebert asks: Is The Whole Employee Engagement Industry Based on a False Premise?

Lisa Rokusek joins The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board with a different viewpoint on how Engagement is Everything in Recruiting.

On Episode 55 of HR Tech Weekly this week: SAP - SuccessFactors Passes 1,000 Employee Central Customer Milestone, Large companies will hire Chief Data Officer by 2019, Mattress Firm to Host National Career Day in 40 Cities, Internet Of Things (IoT) Predictions From Forrester.

Listen to Episode 135 of HR Examiner Radio, as John Sumser speaks with Kaila Prins, Content Marketing Manager at RiseSmart.

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Engagement is Everything in Recruiting

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“Recruiters suck (and we do, trust me) because we have muddled the authenticity of a personal connection with the allure of scalability and volume as measure of success.  The cocktail we’ve produced tastes foul indeed.” – Lisa Rokusek