There is no “action” in your action plans

On August 6, 2018, in Engagement, HRExaminer, Leadership, Mary Faulkner, by Mary Faulkner
“It sounds good to have an action plan, right? But action plans can be the ultimate check-the-box activity.” Mary Faulkner explores some of the main reasons why your action plans may not be resulting in real action.

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Let’s Talk About the “Real” Skills Gap. Mary Faulkner explains how a revived discussion on the “skills gap” is underway but underlying issues could derail the effort.

So what do sharks and Harvard grads have to do with recruiting? Bob Corlett explains why Your Recruiting Process Assumes Harvard Grads Cause Shark Attacks.

“Imagine the anxiety levels of someone who is desperate to find work and required to sift through a database of a half million job offerings.” - John Sumser Candidate Experiences (It’s Plural).

“To have candor is not to lack civility.” Dr. Todd Dewett explains it’s not an either/or equation. Read, Candor vs. Civility.

John Sumser speaks with Goutham Kurra, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Glint. Listen to HRExaminer Radio.


Let’s Talk About the “Real” Skills Gap

On July 24, 2018, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Mary Faulkner, by Mary Faulkner
A revived discussion about the “skills gap” is happening between educators and the business world but the conversation isn’t addressing some key underlying issues. Mary Faulkner walks through the hidden skills gap.

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“Innovation, risk taking, and rule-breaking seem to disappear once a person reaches a certain level. Bucking tradition doesn’t seem quite as sexy when your newly gained power and influence is at stake.” Mary Faulkner has more in, Leadership and the Fear of Losing Everything.

We received a reply to last week’s article, Fiddling While Rome Burns, from the Emperor himself. Thankfully, Michael Kannisto was able to miraculously channel Nero’s Reply.

Everyone’s chasing the ‘new’ at the expense of why - especially when it comes to technological change. John Sumser has some ideas about how to refocus in his article, Why Aren’t We Asking These Questions in HR?

HRIntelligencer 2.08 Highlights: Think of this week’s issue as your trip to the bleeding edge farmer’s market. There are no crystal clear answers about anything in the emerging technology.

On HR Tech Weekly: There’s a fresh wave of funding in HR Tech with Joberate, Nomad, Strive Talent, ClickIQ, and Peakon raising money. RealMatch Rebrands as pandoIQ and Launches AI-Enabled Job Ad Platform, Collective Health Bets Employers Are Fed Up With Health Expenses, Apple is launching medical clinics for its employees, and in GDPR related news, Google has received 2.4 million ‘right to be forgotten’ URL delisting requests and fulfilled 43%.

Leadership and the Fear of Losing Everything

On February 26, 2018, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Mary Faulkner, by Mary Faulkner
The reality is that everyone is subjected to pressure from above to stay under the radar once they reach a certain level. That won’t be stated explicitly, mind you. You’ll hear things like, “It’s political,” or “Pick your battles,” or my personal favorite, “That’s not the hill to die on.” – Mary Faulkner

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In An Open Letter to Job Seekers, Mary Faulkner writes, “We, the recruiting community, understand your frustration. We know that it’s tough to find a job.“

In this week’s HRIntelligencer, John Sumser shares The AI Entrepreneur’s Moral Dilemma: Should I Start a Company That Could Destroy Millions of Jobs?

On Episode 134 Of HR Tech Weekly, Stacey Harris and John Sumser Discuss the Big Legal Setback LinkedIn Suffered over hiQ Labs scraping profile data, Workday has acquired a customer management startup founded by ex-Googlers, and Uber now faces 20 years of privacy audits.

John’s Guest On HRExaminer Radio is John Vlastelica, the managing director of Recruiting Toolbox.

On Episode 28 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser Talks With George Anders about Surfing into a new Life. George is a contributing writer for Forbes magazine and writes frequently on issues related to talent, hiring, and the college-to-career pathway.

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In this week’s feature article, Mary Faulkner writes, “Once we accept that we are a peer to “the business” and have a voice in helping make the right decisions for OUR organization, we can start focusing on how to wield our real power and influence. If HR is so powerless, why do we get blamed for everything?

You may not know what they’re called but word vectors have transformed the Google search results you see every day. In the next two years word vectors will do the same thing for recruiting and HR. AI in HR: What Are Word Vectors And Why Do They Matter?

On episode 111 of HR Tech Weekly: Oracle HCM Cloud Summit, SAP court victory and data rights, Koch company invest $2 Billion in Infor, Irreconcilable Differences: eHarmony and Elevated Careers File for Divorce, and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to probe allegations of sexism.

Will Staney is the founder of Proactive Talent Strategies and the former head of global talent acquisition at Twilio and Glassdoor. During his career as a recruiting leader, he developed a passion for building what he calls, “modern recruiting machines.” Listen to Will Staney on HRExaminer Radio - Executive Conversations.

On Episode 10 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser talks about recruitment marketing scorecards with Chris Brablc, an industry expert in recruitment marketing and Director of Marketing at SmashFly Technologies. Learn more about Recruitment Marketing Scorecards.

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On January 20, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Mary Faulkner, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
Mary Faulkner shares seven tactics to reduce the risk of implementing HR Tech. Read, The gamble of implementing HR Tech.

After spending twelve years at Harvard University, Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. Read more in, Happiness Runs.

On episode 105 of HR Tech Weekly: Gartner to Buy CEB Inc. for $2.6 Billion in Cash, Stock, Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Parents, Jeremy Roche joins Unit4 as Chief Product Officer, Trump and Sessions plan to restrict highly skilled foreign workers. Hyderabad says to bring it on. Finally, Amazon’s Alexa won the CES battle, but faces a tough war.

Kevin W. Grossman is the Talent Board Vice President responsible for the Candidate Experience Awards and other Talent Board activities for North America. A certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS), Kevin has over 17 years of expertise with the HR and recruiting technology marketplace. Kevin Grossman is on HRExaminer Radio.

On Episode 4 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John talks about The HR Headhunter with Brad Warga, a principal at Heidrick & Struggles in San Francisco. The HR Headhunter with Brad Warga.

The gamble of implementing HR Tech

On January 17, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Mary Faulkner, by Mary Faulkner
What’s the risk of implementing a sparkly new expensive piece of HR software? Mary Faulkner shares her experience and advice from the trenches.

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On September 16, 2016, in Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Mary Faulkner, Radio, Weekly, by John Sumser
If large groups of people, lots of activity, sound, noise, and light feel overwhelming, you may be an introvert. Let’s just say the HR Tech Conference is an extrovert’s delight. Yet, the conference is full of interesting people, products, and information. What to do? Simple. Heather Bussing has the Introvert’s Guide to HR Tech.

Mary Faulkner gets underneath why There is no “action” in your action plans (why follow through falls down).

If employers want employees to do their best, Heather Bussing thinks they’ll need to Stop Defining Employee Engagement as Discretionary Effort.

On Episode 87 of HR Tech Weekly: CareerBuilder acquires Workterra, Sodexo Acquires Inspirus, Cornerstone hiring Sarah Brennan, As Skill Requirements Increase, More Manufacturing Jobs Go Unfilled, Career survival in the fourth industrial revolution, and Excess Management costing the US Trillions.

Esther Bongenaar and Vasilis Giagkoulas are two very important parts of the HR Analytics team at Royal Dutch Shell. John Sumser digs into the numbers with Esther and Vasilis on Episode 191 of HRExaminer Radio.

Joe Hanna is the Founder and CEO of Job Marker Maker and ENGAGE Talent, both predictive recruiting platforms. Joe has over 22 years of global experience in software and enterprise applications and is also a published author. Catch up with Joe Hanna on HRExaminer Radio.