How to Not Screw Up Predictions (when you’re working with AI and Intelligent Tools)

“One of the best things about predictions is that they tell you how often they will be wrong. If there is only a 10% chance of rain, you probably won’t take an umbrella. But one in ten times, you will still get wet. You will be surprised since there was a 90% chance of sun. But the prediction was correct.” - Heather Bussing

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We’re wrapping up our four-part series on Assessing Values in Online Technology. Michael Kannisto, Tejal Raval, Zachary Harper, and Anum Malik conducted a 90-day study where they racked up 450+ hours watching demos, asking questions, and working to understand the business model and technical approach of 110 companies. In part three they cover the assessments, trends, and tips to buyers and sellers. In part four they showcase all the data (don’t miss the company directory).

It’s The End of the Heroic Response Period in the Coronavirus Pandemic. Watch John Sumser’s video about the impacts on the workforce from sustained traumatic stress.

On HR Tech Weekly: Analyst Event updates from Stacey and John on Ultimate Software, Ceridian, and iCIMS. Plus, Yvette Cameron’s move to SVP of Product Strategy at Oracle Cloud HCM after Gretchen Alarcon’s departure to ServiceNow. Don’t miss Creepy HR, Data Collection, Privacy, the Federated Identity Initiative, Velocity, and competing Skills Networks.

John Sumser speaks with Mike Carden, an HR futurist and the co-founder of Joyous, the inventor of Open Employee Feedback. A published author, Michael won the Writemark Plain English Award and the Bayer Innovators Award and also crashed a plane into the sea. Listen to Mike Carden on HRExaminer’s Executive Conversations Podcast.


Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 4

We’re finishing up our series on assessing values in online technology today in part four where we review the data from the 90-day study where we racked up 450+ hours watching demos, asking questions, and working to understand the business model and technical approach of 110 companies.

Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 3

Today, in part three of our series on assessing values in online technology we’ll look at the types of assessments, trends, observations, tips for buyers, and tips for sellers.

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HR Technology-based Workplace Health and Safety tools are joining the front lines to combat the coronavirus pandemic and they couldn’t come soon enough. Watch John Sumser’s video on some of the amazing ways HR (and HR Tech) Can Address Workplace Health and Safety during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“When I was researching and writing The 2020 Index of Intelligent Tools in HR Technology I needed some expert help with an important line of inquiry - assessing values in online technology. Michael Kannisto assembled a dynamic team and conducted a study on tools that purport to measure values. We’ll be covering their report in this multi-part series. This is part one. It’s great stuff.” - John Sumser Assessing Values in Online Technology.

We covered the abstract and methodology in the first article in this series and today we look at a summary of the ten things learned by Michael Kannisto, Tejal Raval, Zachary Harper, and Anum Malik in their research. Assessing Values in Online Technology - Part 2.

On HR Tech Weekly John and Stacey discuss SmartRecruiters, Jobspotting, SAP, Emarsys, Planful, Hibob, Textio, HabitAware, Keen2, Data, Privacy, RPA, AI, Ethics, SMB, Internal Communications, Wearables, and John’s upcoming Amazon Halo testing.

John Sumser speaks with Mike Gioja, the SVP of IT & Product Development at Paychex. They discuss the latest offerings at Paychex and the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic internally at Paychex and on the services they’ve developed to help their clients with COVID-19. Listen to Mike Gioja on HRExaminer’s Executive Conversations Podcast.


Assessing Values in Online Technology Part 2

“In the world of psychology, there is a view that a correlation exists between personality traits and performance (behavior). After some research, we were also able to make some sense out of the notion that behavior could correlate to values. However, we struggled to understand the correlation between values and personality.”

Assessing Values in Online Technology

“Here’s what we were wondering. Since values play an integral role in company identity, we wanted to know if any commercially available online tools existed that could measure someone’s core values. Michael and the team identified 74 companies that sell a tool that purports to measure values. We decided to evaluate as many of them as we could and this is a summary of that work.” - John Sumser

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Not to be missed, John Sumser puts on a Jobs and Skills Masterclass dialed-in for work both during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

On this special HR Tech Weekly, Stacey and John discuss the most important news and best presentations from The 2020 Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

On HR Tech Weekly Episode #291, John and Stacey cover SAP, Gately, ELMO, Paycom, SHRM, Eightfold, Leena AI, Chatbots, UKG, Beekeeper, Walmart, and Robots!

Let’s put it this way, it’s probably best if you’re the one to Unearth Your A.I. Ethics with these Questions. Learn more with John Sumser.

“You’ve rolled out of bed at some point in your life to dark thoughts about dealing with someone at work that is making your life a living hell.” Heather Bussing explains How to Deal With Weasels (AKA Weasel Management).


How to Deal With Weasels (AKA Weasel Management)

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“I’m talking about Weasels with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). These Weasels can’t see how their behavior is damaging to themselves and others. All they see is what they want and what they need to do to get it.” - Heather Bussing

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The same idea of a flywheel that Jim Collins used as a metaphor for momentum in his book, Good To Great is a model HR can use to create a cycle of positive feedback loops inside of the HR Data initiative I’ve been discussing. John Sumser has more in, Building the Computational HR Flywheel in The Emerging HR Data Department.

What questions are you employing to inform your HR response to the coronavirus pandemic? A group of HR leaders and specialists developed The Small Scenarios Series to help.

Each year as part of the work for our annual report on Intelligent software and AI we identify a short list of companies to watch closely. Here are the 12 outfits we have our eyes on. The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist.

Erin Spencer shares A Death in the Family (from an HR Perspective). “Aside from the complications of emotions ranging from grief to relief, we also have the fun of funeral logistics. My Disney touring plans are color-coded. The plans for Grandma’s funeral were almost as complex, but unlike a planned Spring Break trip this time off was not arranged in advance.”

John Sumser speaks with Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group. It’s John and Jeanne’s annual pre-HR Tech Conference show.