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On January 27, 2017, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Rob May, Weekly, by John Sumser
Rob May writes, “HR and AI have both been hyped as strategic assets that will change the future of work, but the reality of these promises never seems to arrive. Over the next three to ten years that may finally change.” How AI Will Change HR by 2020 (and Beyond).

Is the Future of Work People? While the industrial era expanded employment eventually, there was a pesky hundred years between the start of factories and the First World War. John Sumser has more in, The Future of Work Is People (and so is Soylent Green).

On episode 106 of HR Tech Weekly: Is Workday’s Wal-Mart Deal a Game Changer?, ADP Acquires The Marcus Buckingham Company to Expand Talent Portfolio, HR Consultants for Hire: ADP Now Offers Professional Services for Mid-sized Businesses, Microsoft is developing its own human capital management apps, and 21st Century Cures Act gives brokers huge edge in HR tech war.

Bryan Chaney is a global talent sourcing and attraction strategist. He’s worked at IBM, Twilio and currently leads employment brand for corporate recruitment at Indeed. Listen to HRExaminer Radio Executive Conversations with Bryan Chaney.

On Episode 5 of HRx Big Ideas Radio, John Sumser and Josh Wright, the Chief Economist at iCIMS, peek over the horizon with jobs data. Listen to Josh Wright, the Chief Economist at iCIMS.

AI in HR:  What Are Word Vectors And Why Do They Matter?

On July 18, 2016, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Rob May, by Rob May
“Let’s say you couldn’t remember the capital of Belgium. You could ask the computer what it is by saying ‘I want Paris, but subtract France and add Belgium.’ The computer would return Brussels. Now imagine you could do that with employees. What if you could say ‘I want someone like my best engineer, but with more experience in management?’” – Rob May, CEO Talla
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