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Is Organizational Transparency Worth the Trouble? Stacey Harris looks beyond the hype surrounding organizational transparency and finds both difficulty and clarity of purpose.

What’s really disrupting the job board industry? Who better to ask than The Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-Chasins?

In honor of Martin Luther King Day Heather Bussing has Thoughts on Discrimination, the complete diversity series from The HR Examiner.

John Sumser has Five Links: The Sea of Transformation about the vastness of the HR Technology terrain and talks with Marvin Smith of Lockheed Martin whose work spans HR Technology, strategic talent sourcing, and creating talent communities. Enjoy!

Is Organizational Transparency Worth the Trouble?

“The question is no longer should your organization become more transparent, but rather when and how much transparency will you provide.” – Stacey Harris

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On February 14, 2014, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, John Sumser, Stacey Harris, Weekly, by John Sumser
In our feature this week Stacey Harris explains What To Do When Data Says You’re Wrong. In Human What?, John Sumser dispels the notion that humans are capital. John also covers, a new iOS app from Joel Cheesman and two articles that chronicle John’s recent journey through the halls of HR on a wheeled scooter (read Disruption, Learning and Curiosity and Fitness, Inclusion and OracleHCM). Our on-demand edition of HR Examiner Radio features Marc Mapes in a discussion about Enjoy.

What To Do When Data Says You’re Wrong

On February 11, 2014, in Analytics, Big Data, Data, Editorial Advisory Board, HR Technology, HRExaminer, Stacey Harris, by Stacey Harris
As we rush into the era of data analytics, big data, and personal tracking devices every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later.