Don’t Assume: Find Out What It’s Really Like.

Susan LaMotte discusses the cost of HR policies that rely on leadership assumptions that are out of touch or based on outdated employment experience.

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The battle over great recruiters reigns supreme. In this week’s feature article, Susan LaMotte asks if you’re betting your talent acquisition strategy on long–term performance or short–term wins. Read all about it in, Recruiters Matter in Quality of Hire. In her article, Privacy: Drawing Lines, Heather Bussing has the latest on the privacy debate and a review of the new book, Terms of Service: understanding our role in the World of Big Data.

On December 12th at The Bently Reserve in San Francisco Jeanne Achille, John Sumser, and William Tincup roll out the latest Master Class in HCM. On HR Examiner Radio John speaks with Suzanne Donner from Tatum where they discuss new research about the CFO–HR connection. Enjoy!

Recruiters Matter in Quality of Hire

Susan LaMotte asks if you’re betting your talent acquisition strategy on long-term performance or short-term wins.

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We’re focused on Diversity this week with two new articles from Heather Bussing. In, Diversity: Get Off My Lawn, Heather discusses the Us vs. Them thinking that derails most efforts to achieve greater understanding and appreciation of our differences. In, Diversity: Voices of Discrimination, Heather curates a thoughtful selection of stories from people across all walks of life, experiencing all kinds of discrimination.

Susan LaMotte is back to talk about HR’s increasingly importantly role in Big Data in, If You Think Big Data is All Numbers, Think Again. Heather Bussing continues her Humans of Work photo series with China Gorman. On HR Examiner Radio this week John Sumser speaks with Dwaine Maltais, EVP and GM of Technomedia. Enjoy!

If You Think Big Data is All Numbers, Think Again

On June 17, 2014, in Analytics, Big Data, Data, Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Susan Strayer LaMotte, by Susan LaMotte
The big data conversation is not only getting louder, HR’s role is the center of the discussion.

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This week on HR Examiner we feature a Memo to Leaders on How to Give, and Give Thanks from Susan Strayer LaMotte. Heather Bussing suggests you ask 5 Questions Before Filing a Lawsuit. John Sumser discusses the mobile workforce tool from Hunite and caps off this issue with Five Links: A Peek at 2014. Happy Holidays!


Memo to Leaders: How to Give, and Give Thanks.

On December 17, 2013, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Leadership, Susan Strayer LaMotte, by Susan LaMotte
Forget about gifts and gorging for a second and think about what you’re really grateful for.

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From this week’s Feature, Privacy is an App: “It won’t be long before someone comes along with the privacy app that allows us to control our personal data, authorize who gets to use it, and to sell it. But when it comes out, get if fast before Google or Facebook buys it and shuts it down.” – Heather Bussing

Member of the Tribe

“In the years I’ve been researching, reading, writing and creating employer brands, the most overused phrase has to be “employer value proposition.” You join the tribe and POOF. It’s like taking your blindfold off in a Febreze commercial.” Susan Strayer

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On September 7, 2012, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, Susan Strayer LaMotte, Weekly, by John Sumser
Apple recently revamped their in-store experience to emulate The Ritz-Carlton and it’s working. Great service focused on building a brand experience serves as a foundation for both brand loyalty and career interest. This week Susan Strayer and Brett Minchington co-author our feature story on Experiential Marketing for employer brands.