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Candidate Selection: What Works and Why We Ignore It.

On April 17, 2017, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Tom Janz, by Tom Janz
“Borrowing from Ben Franklin, President Barack Obama was quoted as saying, “If you think the cost of education is too high, you need to consider the cost of ignorance in the 21st century.” When it comes to selection, it’s even better. Doing it right often actually costs less, given you don’t ignore all the wasted labor and outlay costs of resume sorts, reference calls, screening interviews, science-free testing, and excessive final decision site visits.” -Tom Janz

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On December 16, 2016, in HR Technology, HRExaminer, Radio, Tom Janz, Weekly, by John Sumser
We introduce Tom Janz as a member of our Editorial Advisory Board with his article, John, You Ignorant #$X!&. Tom is a leading thinker in I/O psychology and predictive analytics. Tom takes John Sumser to task for the opinions John laid out in “Predictive What?” a couple of weeks ago. Above all, HRExaminer’s utility as an industry analyst firm comes from the diversity of opinion we deliver. We’d rather that our deliverables make you think more and be certain less. Read, John, You Ignorant #$X!&.

Critical thinking depends on not drinking a steady flow of ‘your own champagne’ (or drinking your own bathwater, or eating your own dog food). It depends on being willing to examine your own assumptions. John Sumser has, New Rules For HR, Old Rules For Politics.

It’s Episode 100 of HR Tech Weekly! Zenefits penalized $7 million in California for insurance licensing violations, European Commission clears the way for Microsoft-LinkedIn deal, Slack and Google announce partnership, Mercer Acquires Sirota Consulting, and Outdated 401(k) Rules Are Shortchanging Americans.

Oliver Ryan is the Founder and CEO of CountIT and a long time digital media entrepreneur. Listen to Oliver Ryan talk about the leading edge of corporate wellness on HRExaminer Radio.

Daniel Chait is CEO & co-founder of Greenhouse. Daniel has been a technology entrepreneur in New York for nearly 20 years. Daniel Chait is on HRExaminer Radio.

John, You Ignorant #$X!&

On December 12, 2016, in HRExaminer, Tom Janz, by Tom Janz
“John: I’m right there with you when it comes to lamenting low levels of prediction power being brought to bear on hiring the best people from among those who want the job. But let’s get clear about the difference between what we know and what we do. We know a lot more about how to predict performance value than your column asserts with a whine, but little evidence.” Tom Janz
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