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In our feature this week John Sumser discusses how most Employment Branding misses the central point about Passive Candidates. A recent trip to Disneyland led William Uranga to conclude that Mickey is no Dumbo when it comes to creating magical experiences for people – whether they’re employees or park guests. Don’t even try to ignore our Five Links on Resisting Change. On HR Examiner Radio, John talks about Google Glass and wearable tech in HR and Recruiting with Danielle Weinblatt, CEO of Take the Interview. Enjoy!

Mickey is No Dumbo

Question: How does your language, terminology used in recruiting, reflect the driving culture, industry focus of your company?

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Legal Editor Heather Bussing outlines 5 ways noncompete agreements can backfire against employers.

We Don’t Need a Stinkin’ Plan

In recruiting, there is always some “light rain” that ends up deluging you with changes and frustration.

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There is increasing frustration with Gamification projects that have petered out after the initial hype. Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO for HR Gamificaiton company eMee, highlights 12 pitfalls you can avoid in your Gamification program.


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Narrative visualization in HR is the discipline of discovering and communicating your fundamental story. In business and HR your story is your framework for decision making and one that relies more and more on insights derived from visualization of your big data.

Developing A New HR Talent

“People have a hard time telling their stories.  Yet, it’s critical to gaining support from others or presenting an offer.  If your narrative is lacking, know that you’re not alone. ” – William Uranga

Books As Influencers: Rueff, Uranga, Dewitt, McCormick

Editorial Advisory Board members weighed in on the books that influenced them in 2011. Here are the picks from Rusty Rueff, Dr. Todd Dewitt, William Uranga and Neil McCormick.

Hiring Manager Problems Require Therapy

Topics: Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, William Uranga, by William Uranga
Does your recruiter have a challenging hiring manager? Note that I’m not talking about a difficult search – but client management problems. Most managers operate in a survival-mode; they are hiring to solve a problem, not necessarily to build a world-class team. Being stuck in a downward cycle of frustration, complaints, and no future change in sight, may be sign that “therapy” is in order.